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Posted by Tru3_Blu3

It was fun playing with you guys. Seriously, all of you are freaking awesome. Forget what I said in my past blog (whoever actually read it, understood it, and took offense to it).

I am playing the campaign now. So far, it's incredibly chaotic and epic. I am just lacking the satisfying feeling that I got from GeoW1, and I know why: Normal difficulty. I should really go back to hardcore. Normal makes the game look like an arcade-ish shooter without the score board. Enemies are dying from left to right without me taking a shot, and it feels derivative.

And that's what makes me think: The reason why most single player campaigns for games these days aren't as good as it's multiplayer counter parts is because of it's Normal difficulty mode. Hell, even Heroic on Halo3 was freaking easy! Really, games and their default difficulty modes need to be harder. I am now thinking that GeoW1 went on the right path with its difficulty selection; it was challenging, but fucking rewarding.

I'ma gonna play (and hopefully beat) the campaign. I hope to play Horde mode with your guys later. C'ya! :D

Posted by Messier

Hardcore is the sweet spot for people who played through Gears 1. Your AI squad seems so much better that Hardcore isn't even that hard. Its still a ton of fun.

Posted by DBoy

Was great to play with you too man.  Let's do this again tonight.
I've just played one Act and it is damn epic.... like huge.  Almost like a movie, I would say.

Posted by Torb

I agree with DBoy. This game feels a lot more cinematic.
I started off on Normal difficulty as well, and while it was a bit challenging at first because I had to get readjusted to the controls and handling, after playing Horde mode for a while it's a cakewalk. Oh well, I plan on hitting up insane after I finish the campaign so I'll get my dosage of difficulty :D