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Posted by Quadrifoglio

Dude, you own a PS3? I must've missed that blog.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

I'm not getting Mirror's edge or CoD:WaW either, too many other good games for me to play.  Oh, and you really should play MGS4, it's the only reason I got my PS3.  I guess I can play LittleBigPlanet now though.

Posted by Gen_Warbuff

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD!!!! Would you just play MGS4 already!

Posted by lordofultima

Mirrors Edge from the demo was amazing. So if it's more of that, then I'm sold.

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

Mirror's Edge does sound rather disappointing by the critic's words. It's not worth buying anyways because of it's lack of content and replayability.

WaW? That's a maybe...

Posted by temperedvortex

I might rent World at War and I want to try the demo for Mirror's Edge first before I even think of renting it. Enjoy your new game!

Posted by MsCortana

I told myself I wouldn't pick up World at War to...but then I picked it up yesterday. :P

Posted by AndyWilliams24

Wait, you have PS3 now? =\

Posted by finalkross

Even with the Trial and Error, the demo for Mirror's Edge sold me, so I do plan on getting it. Considering the history you have with Wrestling, you were bound to play it either now or later.

Posted by Brandy

Right, you SAY you'll not buy the new CoD or Mirror's Edge, but just wait - you'll walk into a game store looking for something else entirely and instead buy one or both of the others. :-P It's happened before Denis - not a stretch to say it'll happen again...LOL you really need a safe for your wallet...One that's bolted to the wall and only your sister knows the combo or something. :-P

Posted by DrCLos

I tried the demo and I actually liked it. BUT the controls for fighting didn't feel intuitive. I actually felt like the controls for running around and such were pretty good and made me feel like I was some kinda hero. So I think I'm gonna pass too until the price goes down in the future.

As for the WWE game, I'm gonna pass on that one too though I admit I am always tempted to buy them. But the last one I bought I barely touched so I have to restrict myself this time with so many great games this year. Double-edged sword my friend. Double-edged sword.

Edited by McBain

I remember my first and only wrestling game being WWF SmackDown! on the original PlayStation. Good times...

I actually feel the same way about Mirror's Edge. I'm sure there's a certain niche of gamers who will really enjoy the game, but I'm probably not one of them. I think it's definitely worth at least a rental though, if only for the innovative gameplay.

As for World at War, well, it doesn't seem like the groundbreaking game Call of Duty 4 was. I'm sure that has something to do with the series going back to World War II.

Posted by AthleticShark

Try the demo for Mirror's Edge, it really isn't anything like the reviews. Trial and Error is a must in that game. What the fuck is the point if you already know how to do everything in the game? Is the game just supposed to be a walk in the park? Then people would complain its to easy. I don't see how it could be frustrating the whole way through. Every game has parts where you just scream and pull your hair out.

Posted by StevieQ

Feel the same as you with Mirror's Edge and CoD:WaW

Posted by L

This year's game is A LOT better than 2008's.

Posted by joey
DBoy said:
"all websites referring to video games are blocked by the proxy"
Posted by DBoy

Seems like I just can't stop myself...

Yesterday, during my lunch break, I was browsing Wikipedia (all websites referring to video games are blocked by the proxy) to find some information on WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009.  I wasn't really interested in the game when it was announced, since the last 2 iterations left a very bad taste in my mouth, but I had heard good stuff about the new Road To WrestleMania mode in this year's game and that has me somewhat intrigued.

So, after checking out the review scores that were posted on the page about the game, I went out during my afternoon break and got it.  Now, I know what you're thinking: "He hasn't even finished Dead Space or Fable II.  Hell, this fool hasn't even played MGS 4 yet and he now has a PlayStation 3!!".  You're right.  But there's just something about the SmackDown games that keep me coming back for more.  It's like I'm a glouton for punishment, while I wait for the next Here Comes The Pain to be made.  Hey, a guy can hope, can he?

There are two things that pushed me into buying this year's offering.  As I've already mentionned, the Road to WrestleMania is very intriguing.  They actually went to the Superstars and asked them what they'd like to see in their story.  Then, they took that to the writers and had them work their magic.  I haven't played through any of the 6 storylines yet, but I've heard very good things from those who have done so and it has me pumped.

Then, there's an option I saw while creating my Superstar that has me excited and puzzled.  The option was "Downloaded Superstar".  I'm wondering if THQ will be putting out downloadable Superstars every week or 2 weeks or month or whatever and, if so, which Superstars it'll actually be.  Roster updates has been lacking from online-capable SmackDown games and I think THQ finally got the message.  Or maybe it's something else entirely.... Nonetheless, I'm very excited to see what they do with this.

As I've said, I haven't really delved into the Road to WrestleMania with "Y2J" Chris Jericho yet (blame Gears 2), but as soon as I get a bit of time with it, I'll let you know what I think about this new feature.

One more thing: I'm not getting Mirror's Edge.  From the reviews I've seen, it's a very frustrating game that takes some getting used to and some trial and error.  Since I'm not a very patient guy when it comes to video games, and especially platformers, I think I'll skip this one, for the sake of my poor 360 controller.  Oh, and no CoD World at War either... not for now, anyway.