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Posted by LordAndrew

This is a fantastic list. :)

Edited by JackiJinx
@LordAndrew: I don't do anything less, man ;D
Posted by MattyFTM

I love how dildo is number 1.

Posted by Hailinel

Oh good lord, I actually created a couple of those pages.  Nice list!

Posted by natetodamax
@MattyFTM said:
" I love how dildo is number 1. "
I wonder why.
Posted by JackiJinx
@natetodamax: No particular reason other than those fathomed by the imagination, I can assure you.
Posted by leky1

All Hail

Posted by Paulrus

I got some crap on this here list. Yay!
Posted by NinjaDuckie

#45 seems to have been sucked into oblivion

Posted by gingertastic_10

I know I'm late to the party on this, but glad to see someone thinks the bowling page is good. Totally nerded out when doing it. :P I read a forum post where someone wanted it deleted. Awesome!

Posted by awadnin


Posted by shodan2020

Wow, this list is amazing! Thanks for compiling it!