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Posted By scapegoatsqueal

The E.G.G.M.A.N. doesn't even make the list? THEN THIS ISN'T A LIST.

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Posted By AztecOmar

Testosteroni - the greatest pasta known to man. Well done, good sir - your comedy stylings are impeccable.

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Posted By Video_Game_King

I think you forgot the sexiest mustache in all the land:

Bushwald Sexyface.
Bushwald Sexyface.
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Posted By BackpackKat

Truly this is the Age of Extraordinary Mustaches!!!!

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Posted By Psykhophear

Interesting list. Two thumbs up from me!

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Posted By Oni

I do not agree with #1, but a fine list otherwise!

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Posted By Toug

Dr. Wily over Dr. Eggman? For shame. Robotnik has the far greater 'stache.

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Posted By MrJared
@arnavdesai: Did you not see the disclaimer? No combos allowed! ;)
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Posted By yates

Freeman rocks a goatee. This list seems to be straight tache-love.

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Posted By arnavdesai

I would like to add Gordon Freeman to this list.