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Posted by transience

FF4 is one of my favourite games of all time, so I'd get a kick out of seeing a review. don't do it if you have a ton of other stuff on your plate, though.

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2. I am still expecting an FFIV review any time now...
3. If you can beat it on hard, you beat it on Crushing. Just conserve your ammo and don't save big guns for later sequences too often. It is never worth it; always take care of the nearest threat first, any way you can.
6. But... there are FOUR RPGs on this list!

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I have been waiting YEARS for your final fantasy IV DS review.  I hope you finish that game soon so we can get your awesome review of this game. 

Posted by amarriner

I was in the same boat with Braid. Desperately wanted to beat it without using a guide. Finally do so and was really thankful I didn't look anything up. The hardest part about that game (and other games of its ilk) is that you'll come upon a puzzle and approach it from a certain direction. Then even if that direction doesn't seem quite right and/or just flat out doesn't work it's sometimes hard to shift gears, forget about it, and start over from scratch. That was the case for me in several of the puzzles. Amazingly rewarding game, though, with fantastic visuals, music, and gameplay.  Good luck!

Posted by EternalMesh

You should do the crushing run in UC2, pretty brutal, but still a lot of fun. Except for Lazaravich.

Posted by fei0x

psst. this list needs an update, or be removed. cause I know you're playing starcraft right now.

Posted by LordAndrew
@fei0x: I really appreciate how totally out of date it is. Some might call it stable. :P
Posted by Silock
Borderlands woot! I see no Halo Reach though, sort it out Brad! ><
Posted by ripelivejam

good list!

Posted by Demonsoul

Dude where is your Final Fantasy 4 review that you promised? I have been waiting more than a decade for you to release this review!