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I heard Alpha Protocol was REALLY good!

Posted by Superfriend

Yeah, good luck with Arcania (that game does NOT deserve the Gothic title). It almost sucked as bad as Alpha Protocol. Yeah, both had good ideas and some interesting elements, but they failed so hard it hurt.

If you ever play Arcania, do yourself a favor and save after the opening tutorial chapter. And then leave for a week and return to that game again. The opening is so tedious and bad, you´ll want to strangle yourself if you have to play it again (and you have to if you´ve played the demo, because that was basically the opening)

Posted by maimran91

Dead Space looks awesome, I'm gonna go for it's sequel

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

Lost, inFamous, and perfect dark were all huge bummers in my opinion.

Posted by FalseDeity

All I saw was Beyond Good & Evil 2 and you instantly have my full support.

Posted by Daryl

You'll be disappointed with Perfect Dark Zero.