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Posted by Zippedbinders

It is rare to see TWEWY and Dead Space up so high on a Top 10 2008 list, but I wholeheartedly agree. TWEWY was an incredibly fresh take on JRPGs, you still had your angsty teenage protagonist with weird hair, but it made sense here, and Neku even grew into a more mature character as the game went on. The combat and setting were also incredibly fresh and enjoyable. I actually just popped it in my DS the other day to try and level up some more. 
Dead Space is also a game that I was surprised about, I too thought it looked like the most generic thing ever. I mean, Dead Space? Its a pretty self explanatory title that leaves little to build off of or create any mystery for, yet somehow the fine folks at EA Redwood (now Visceral) crafted an incredibly tense and well structured shooter that, in my opinion, was a better Resident Evil 5 than RE5 was.