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Posted by KamiDaHobo

Any list that has Baldur's Gate II as number 1, and Privateer anywhere on it, is a list I approve of.

Posted by captdomano

Yeah, I've gotta agree with Kami on this one....Thumbs up for the Privateer addition--I think Origin was my favorite game company next to Bullfrog (which nets you another thumbs up for the Syndicate addition) from the 90s.  :D

Posted by Bluepixie

Yeah I'm a big fan of Origin along with Bullfrog and Looking Glass Studios. It still impresses me the amount of detail that they put into the game worlds, both through the game itself and the game manuals. For example Crusader: No Remorse (Origin) had this full pull out newpaper poster thing with articles on current political issues in the game world, technology (including a reference to Shodan, the insane AI from System Shock) and almost Paul Verhoeven like adverts commenting on modern American culture. 
I think my next gaming revisit is going to be Planescape: Torment. Oh yes!

Posted by lordgodalming

Bioforge! That takes me back. Isn't your first "weapon" in that game some dude's arm?

Posted by Bluepixie

Yup!   "If you've come for the fork, you'll be sorely disappointed!" :D 
Excellent game that.