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Posted by Najaf
@L4wz: I did not say the story was good or bad. I said it did not suck me in and I did not feel compelled to finish it.
Posted by L4wz

You quit half-way through Bioshock? Then you can't say for sure if the story is good or bad if you didn't finish it lol
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Measured opinions are always good to read.  I watched Bioshock, and I think what did it for me was the setting and the mood, and the fact that it was dealing with some issues behind the philosophy of the founders of that place.  Then there's a big twist with some meta implications, which was pretty cool.  You're right, though: to each his own.
Have you tried other games like MUA, like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance?  I've never played MUA, but even though I can get some fun out of Dark Alliance in short doses, it actually sorta wears down on me after a while.