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Posted by RagingLion

Really nice list and interesting to read you expounding on how different music has affected you and appealed to you.  You get a bit deep at times as well, which I always find interesting.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@RagingLion: Thanks.  It comes off a bit awkward at times.  This doesn't feel like a proper venue for music critiquing :)
Posted by eroticfishcake

This reminds me, I also lost my copy of SpyHunter despite the fact I never knew it WAS SpyHunter all these years. Thanks and great list by the way, Arcanum had a fantastic yet humble soundtrack.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@eroticfishcake: weird, was it like, unlabeled car game with shooting? :)
Posted by AjayRaz

great list! 

Posted by Fade2Gray

Great list. It's practically a list of my all time favorite games! I agree about the impact of many of these games' music, especially Arcanum. That was one of the first times I actually found myself burning video game scores and listening to them at school, LoL.

Posted by Ravenhoe

Fantastic list, I would add Diablo 1 and Monkey Island to the list, those OST give me goosebumps

Posted by ahoodedfigure

@Ravenhoe: Oh hell yes, Diablo 1's dark rock soundtrack. Good mention, I can't believe I didn't include that! Thanks for the recommendation, there.

Posted by Catsy10

100% agree with Icewind Dale. I was scanning the list, thinking the title in my head repeatedly. Another game that has a good score is Gunstringer, a game on the Wii. It's got one of those western soundtracks that I like.

I also like the OST for Jak X and Persona 4. There are some songs each on the FF OSTs and on The Witcher.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

@Catsy10: Cool! Glad someone else feels that way about Icewind Dale. I tend to only list stuff I've personally played, but yeah, I watched the folks here play P4 (that's the one, right?) and it had a good range of music. I actually liked the battle music; if they manage to make battle music something you look forward to rather than dread, then they're doing something right, especially in a battle heavy game like that.