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i kind of love you for mentioning zak mckracken

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Yooooo Hyper Fighting is THE BOMB!!

Posted by FoxMulder

No Borderlands on the list??

Posted by tphickma

damn i forgot about freedom fighters, great stuff. i remember long nights with friends play multiplayer bracket style tournaments.

Posted by wumbo3000


Posted by Supah_Ted

UNIRACERS! i forgot about that game.

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I'm not sure why you're always raving about Freedom Fighters, Jeff. Time has not been kind to it, and it's clunky as hell. I understand the nostalgia goggles, but it wasn't all that great, even back in '03.

Posted by huntad

Hmm, I don't think I see Darkest of Days on there. Weird.

Posted by soteropolitan

When I first read Pool of Radiance in the list, I thought for a moment that it was Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor, whew! I hated that one!
I´ve never played the original Pool of Radiance, though.

Posted by TrustyPelletGun

So many classics, but no Excitebike? The first time I saw Bungie's  Forge I was instantly teleported back to the level editor and all the spectacular madness (at least for it's time) you could create in Excitebike. I mean, hitting multiple jumps and scrolling through the screen! 

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I'd smack anyone that dis mario or any other character in the mario series


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! I played Rez before on a demo. very rythmic; very cool.

Posted by TheCableKid

I have always wondered why they never made a Freedom Fighter sequel, that games was crazy, that and the Communism.. all of that Communism.

Posted by Scofthe7seas

Did you ever play Total Carnage? It takes Smash TV to the next level. Big money! Big Prizes! I love it! Ok, maybe not either of those, but a gripping and dramatic story (also probably not true.)
Posted by meers89

UMK3 was fun but U hated Motaro, he was stronger than Shao Kahn, awesome range and auto reflect special abilities (Noob's Cloud or Liu Kang's Fireball) way too OP in comparison to the latter.

Posted by Diachron

Space Taxi is a game I always loved, and always awaited a proper remake.  I may just have to do one myself.....

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I remember getting Motocross Maniacs for my birthday many years ago ... that was probably the last time I felt any joy on my bday, lol ... I wish I was kidding. 

Posted by ThePickle

Persona? Awesome! 

Posted by gbrading

I've filled out the Reactor article quite a bit Jeff. I too agree the boxart is simply amazing.
Posted by Sil3n7

Motorcross Maniacs is DOPE!

Posted by fei0x

Uniracers. Niiiiiice.

Posted by detectivepbert

5 of these games are on the list of my favorite games from 1982-2004 which is enough to make me further trust Jeff as a reviewer.

Posted by Ghost407

I thought I was one of the only people who LOVED Smash TV...  Thanks for the list!

Posted by ocdog45

I will destroy you at blitz SON!
Posted by Mono_Listo

Man Jeff, you make me feel young.

Posted by WerePaladin

Zak McKracken is one of my favourite adventure games of all time.  I cried a lil' when my disk corrupted way back in my C64 days.  :( 
@buzz_clik  I agree with you on Impossible Mission.  Who wouldn't love a game with recognisable speech on a computer with an amazing 64 KB of memory?  I used to do speed-runs of that one, but never quite got into the sequel. 
Posted by Ariketh

Hell yeah Uniracers!

Posted by DrPockets000

I'm so glad that someone else besides me loved Freedom Fighters.  IO should make a sequel to this instead of Kane & Lynch. That game was dong.

Posted by Jaytow

Freedom fighters 2 needs to be made.

Posted by buzz_clik

You're right, the Epyx peeps were royalty back in the day. Jumpman Jr tormented me for nights on end, and I've never finished Sword of Fargoal despite the many hours I put into it.
Epyx were also responsible for my favourite game of all time, Impossible Mission. I still love that game so much every time I play it, although I'm not sure it'd find a place on that other list of yours.

Posted by cubicyardxl

Yes ! Uniracers made the list !  I played sooo much of that back in the SNES days !

Posted by noe

Ultimate MK 3 is also one of my favorite fighting games. It's just so satisfying to unleash a 7 hit combo on someone. 
I  also love Smash TV. I always had so much fun going nuts at the arcade when I played it. I still play it at home on the Midway Arcade Treasures Vol. 1. The animation you see when you step on a mine and the character's eye ball flies up at the screen is still bad ass. 

Posted by ZeX

Didnt expect to see Uniracers! I use to play that non-stop all the time! It was fun for sure it also had a nice Sonic vibe going on!

Posted by Arne

EXTREMLY hard, yes, me and my cousin did try to beat it without cheating, we failed...

Posted by EtherealSlayer

No, I never finished Pools of Radiance either, but I really wanted too
Posted by Nemesis

Most of the children on this site don't even know 90% of the games you listed. Great list.

Posted by Winternet

I agree with no. 4, 7, 13, 16, 20 and 25. Skate or Die is probably the most ridiculous game on this list. But, every time I heard the phrase "Skate Or Die" on that game I would say "FUCK YEAH!!!!". Amazing fun. Incredible.

Posted by Bloodrush545

Agreed on the Freedom Fighters game. Playing the multiplayer with some friends is so fun. Stealing each others bases and the flag. Great game.

Posted by returnofthereal

I'm glad (and a little bit suprised) to see Uniraces on your list! This was a great game and a blast to play it with friends!

Posted by Jimbo

Freedom Fighters was pretty sweet.  Was it the multiplayer on Freedom Fighters where one team started with good guns and the other team started with really shitty guns?  I seem to remember some epic arguments trying to play that game.
I've played about 3 of the games on that list in total.  My brother owned a C64 I think, but I was about 4 at the time.  Now if you wanna talk about some Amiga or Archimedes games...

Posted by MildMolasses

I'm impressed that he finished that D&D game. I had one from that series (hell it may have been that exact game, all the titles and covers from that line looked familiar) which I started so many times. I lost so many characters that I had to keep making new ones. It probably didn't help that I played this when I was too young to really understand what I should have been doing in my character and party creation.   
After many attempts at playing, I got through this tower (which I mapped out on graph paper) and got to the top to fight a bunch of golems. Only one guy in my party had a weapon that did any damage to them, so I spent about 45 minutes keeping kim alive, waiting for his turn, and then doing what I could with him. After grinding them down, I won the fight only to find that they were guarding a door that required a key I didn't have. So fuck that game
Posted by BUCK3TM4N

i havent played any of those games
Posted by buzz_clik

Don't know if you've ever played it, but the C64 version of Smash TV is pretty damn good. Joystick for moving, keyboard for shooting (or was that the other way around?), heaps of nicely animated sprites running smoothly and a nice Jeroen Tel soundtrack . Very slick conversion.

Posted by bennym6

street fighter 2 turbo hyper fighting FTW!

Posted by lilarchie232
@Arjuna said:
" Uniracers!  I'm not alone!  I played that game to death!  I haven't played it in more than a decade, I'm sure! "
I know man, Uniracers is the shit.
Edited by Arjuna

Uniracers!  I'm not alone!  I played that game to death!  I haven't played it in more than a decade, I'm sure!

Posted by TheFrostedGamer

great list, jeff. I will see your list, and raise you a SuperSpike V'Ball for NES.

Posted by dagas

Those games are old school. I actually don't like old games that much. I grew up with NES and Master System, but I don't think those games are very good today. The SNES is as early as I would go.

Posted by LordAndrew


Posted by trophyhunter

so wheres persona 4 on this list?

Posted by IshimuraD

god damn, Freedom Fighters. I love the hell out of that game.

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