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Time to add Alien Spidy to this list... 56 seconds. Makes it into the Top 5.

Edit: Whoops, didn't read about the list retiring. :(

Posted by HighPriest

Wow, I can't believe it's been a full year since this list reached completion.

So many memories.

Posted by Mustard

@cooljammer00: It is... it was for the demo, recorded earlier.

Posted by cooljammer00

The Crysis 2 death is not 38 seconds into the video...there really should be a timestamp.

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Wait. Why the fuck is Crysis 2 on this list? Brad isn't even controlling that Quick Look.

EDIT: Never mind. /duh

Posted by dodgyc

Brad just broke the record again today. 00:19 to death on the Hybrid Beta Quick Look...

Posted by Sarumarine

It's a great list. And I admire how long you've kept up with it. Thanks for the inventory! Heh.

Posted by NekuCTR

@Mustard: 22 seconds to Brad death in Nexius. NEW RECORD!!!

Posted by Mustard

@SpaceGandhi: oooo, good catch. I watched this, but didn't really consider it at the time.

Posted by SpaceGandhi

Should Brad's "death" in the UDraw marble-rolling mini game be added to this list? If so it occurred at 10:48 in the QL.

Awesome list!

Posted by Mustard

Quest unlocked!

Posted by Mustard

One more death, and this list get's the "Martin Luther would be Proud" quest!

Posted by EightBitShik

I am very impressed with this list. Great detail and funny as hell.

Posted by falling_fast

waiting for the new breaking brad videos to be uploaded :]

Posted by Mustard

... already had it on the list, man ;)

but thanks, none-the-less!

Posted by onan

New one for the list:

Crysis (XBLA): 18:18

After spending a good minute nervously slinking around in armor mode and spending most of the quicklook to this point in stealth mode, he decides to take the fight to the enemy, 3 of which had spotted him as he ducked around a corner. "Maybe I should just go balls out here." as he dashes back into combat.

*pop pop pop*

"Ugh, or I could just die."

Vinny: "You've gotta put armor on if you're gonna shoot all those guys."

Posted by Mustard

brad has escaped death a number of times already.

No death, not on the list.
Posted by Video_Game_King

Is it possible to add the Cargo Quick Look? While Brad's playing the entire time, he never dies. How does that even work?

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Brad blows himself up in the Red Faction: Battlegrounds Quicklook at 7:04

EDIT:  Never mind, looks like you got it already.
Posted by Veizer

Check the latest Magicka QuickLook, Brad dies drowned in a lake 19:50

Posted by Mustard
@Video_Game_King: I might be mistaken, so if you can find the point where they switch... i'd be happy to post it. But i gave it a watch and didn't catch it (if it exists)
Posted by Video_Game_King
Really? I thought he took over near the end.
Posted by Mustard
@Video_Game_King:  Not as far as I can tell... Pretty sure it's Vinny for the lion's share of that QL.
Posted by Video_Game_King

I think you forgot Catherine. Brad played a bit of that, right?

Posted by Mustard
Posted by Mustard

Well, folks... we just made page 2!

Posted by Jugglerman

This list is amazing! Keep them coming!

Posted by Mustard
@RJPelonia: ugh... something went wonky after the last update. 
Maybe it'll fix itself?
Posted by RJPelonia

1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Start to Death - 4:30
Cause - Shot by Nazi

Or... was it a dream?! DUH DUH DUUUUHHNNNN! Also, this game is terrible.

I uh... I don't think that's right... 
But damn if that isn't hilarious.
Posted by platinumflea

so many deaths so little time. i got one you wont die in, viva pinata. lol

Posted by Mustard

Good news everyone! 
With addition of Super Meat Boy, this list is now officially past the half-way mark to getting the "Martin Luther would be Proud" Quest!

Posted by ThePickle

Best. List. Ever. 

Posted by Mustard
@jim_dandy: LOL, no. Thank YOU, for the video.
Posted by jim_dandy
  Thanks for the list. :3
Posted by Mustard
@Pop: I know, it's kinda sad in a way :( 
It's coming, though... it's coming. I know it, we know it... Brad knows it.
Posted by ShakeItBaby

This is a great list

Posted by Pop

I think brad's on a deathless streak xD, someone should make a list of that.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Why isn't the Sonic Adventure death listed here?

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The best list on GB! "  Jumped into (instead of onto) a Goomba" lol.

Posted by CitizenJP

Lol. This is the greatest list ever.

Posted by Dunkelheit

LOL! What a great list. Even though I've seen many of these already, it's worth watching for the love of Brad

Posted by coonce

i love how this list is so detailed and up to date.... so classic.

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Definitely one of the early deaths, since Brad's reaction to dying was, "Oh, I guess I can die in the middle of a Quicklook." Poor Brad... he has no idea how legendary his deaths would become in the months to come." 
You do know that the legend of Brad always dying came from his days at Gamespot, right? Brad always died when he presented a game on On The Spot. So Brads been a legend long before Giantbomb excisted. 
That being said. A great and funny list. Dude, you deserve a medal.
Posted by Mustard
@PjotrLeschenko: Actually it wasn't... but it turns out i missed one. Thanks!
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you got the wrong Fat Princess game it's the PSN version not the PSP
awesome list btw

Posted by Poki3
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he dies in the Doom 2 Quicklook @ 13:09 and 18:33
Posted by Garfunkle


Posted by Poki3
Posted by DanielJW

This continues to be a fantastic list.