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Posted by ProlificShadow

I don't think the Resident Evil 5 QL should count. I watched it and Brad doesn't die, Sheva just gets incapacitated. Unless there was a different quicklook than the PC one that is there now.

Posted by Shaanyboi

Well done Brad.... well done....

Posted by helloimamlet

I approve of this list!!!!

Posted by eldiax

Awesome list!

Posted by PulledaBrad

Resident Evil:Desperate Escape. TTD: 14:51

Posted by RJPelonia
You can always just list the second time under the same game.
Edited by Fontelroy

MY favorite was in the game of the year vid of uncharted 2. Don't know if it counts as a quick look, but it sure counts as a brad. Plus ryan's reaction is pretty good

Posted by DeadDorf

Now it needs to be updated with Toy Soldiers!

Posted by TepidShark

Why does Brad hate dying in live demos so much?

Posted by Winternet

The Set Phasers to Fun part 4 should be in here as a record holder. It's not a quick-look but hey, it's pulling a brad. Maybe, you should rename the list.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

oh man, what a hilarious list!

Posted by Nemesis

Brad is a red shirt.

Posted by skywing

lol good work

Posted by Mustard
@TheHT: Unfortunetly, you can't put the same item on a list twice... it simple won't let you :(
Posted by TheHT

the uncharted 2 game of the year ql doesn't count? or was if the ps3 game of the year one..

Posted by DuderBattalion

Sweet list dude. That Super mario bros QL was nuts !

Posted by Mustard
Posted by rjayb89

The Star Trek Online videos are not even Quick Looks, duders.  Might as well add the OTHER THREE/FOUR/FIVE he died in, as well, since you guys want that specific one so badly.

Posted by Poki3

Yeah, I think you should add the Star Trek one regardless, on the last spot. I deserves it.

Posted by zudthespud

If you aren't going to add the Star Trek incident you should at least link it as an honourable mention.

Posted by AdH0c
@Mustard: Another one to add. Death by Cube QL 1 min 17 seconds.
Posted by Lilarcor
@Mustard: I agree. He was technically playing for several hours before death, so he was hardly pullin' a Brad and it's not even really a Quick Look.
Posted by CitizenKane
Edited by Mustard

Indeed, the newest star trek video is a ridiculously fast death, but unfortunately it doesn't make the list guys and girls.
For one, it's not an official Quick-look, and for two... technically speaking there are nearly 3 hours of game-play prior to this one where brad does not die (albeit, in separate videos).
Someone else can feel free to add the death time  to his Personal Page, but as much as I would love to add it... it doesn't fit the criteria for this list :(

Posted by buzz_clik
@zudthespud said:
" @DarkFury: 18 seconds! How could it ever be beaten? "
It's actually less, because the actual gameplay starts around 13 seconds. It's approximately 4 seconds by my count.
Posted by zudthespud
@DarkFury: 18 seconds! How could it ever be beaten?
Posted by DarkFury


Posted by Getz

As far as League of Legends goes, people just starting to play the game end up dying quite a few times before getting the hang of it. Even though it's mean-spirited, good list.

Posted by CitizenKane

This is now, by far, my favorite list on Giant Bomb.  ^__^

Posted by skrutop

Prototype: Killed by Tank (assist to Helicopter)....classic!

Posted by VIGGO123

I believe the new  Uncharted 2 QL has the quickest death yet, his first death comes after about 25 seconds of playtime. (Not including loadscreen and cutscene.)


Posted by Mustard
@scarace360 said:
" Is the start time the start of the quick look or when they start playing. "
the video, not play time. I chose this way so you can easily find the timing mark to watch the death.
(Yes, I am aware that in some cases Brad twiddles around menu;s long before even starting to play...)
Posted by AllanIceman

This is just awesome!

Edited by geirr

From the start of the level in A Boy and His Blob in Ryan's quick look, Ryan dies after about 20 seconds which I think is funny to note!

Posted by scarace360

Is the start time the start of the quick look or when they start playing.

Posted by scarace360

Amazing list.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Excellent List if I do say so

Posted by Jeffsekai

Best thing ever

Posted by oddjob

This is the greatest list ever. I know quick looks only, but Brad dying in the GOTY vids for uncharted 2 was fucking hilarious.

Posted by Chewii101

Where the internet is actually awesome. 

Posted by roofy

wow i thought i was the only one noticing how bad brad is.
i feel less alienated now.
thanks guys :)

Posted by _Phara0h_

Best list EVER

Posted by RenegadeSaint
@Brad said:
" I would like to point out that dying is common in at least some of these games. :( "
While that is a totally valid argument, it doesn't do anything to reduce the joy we receive from watching you die.  It's like watching a clown cry... tragically hilarious.
Posted by V_Ben

this is a fantastic list :-D

Posted by Radar

Ryan approved.

Posted by Benjamimmy
@Bo17 said:
" Will the GOTY QL's be included on this list? "
Posted by Jon_Danger

Excellent list.

Edited by Mustard
@Ghostiet: I dunno, i think we should give brad a break. It's CHRISTMAS!! :)
plus, they arn't official quick looks, and this list is primarily (except for one) official quick looks only.
That and Uncharted is already on the list.
Posted by Ghostiet
@Bo17 said:
" Will the GOTY QL's be included on this list? "

This. He did some stellar dying in Uncharted 2's and Batman's GOTY videos.
Posted by TrulyAlive

Will the GOTY QL's be included on this list?