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Posted by Generic_username

A Link to the Past is totally my favorite game of all time, too. Nice list.

Posted by sarge1445

now I want to do this

Posted by Marino

@Super__Sam: Yeah, I could've picked any of them. It's splitting hairs, but I went with the last one since it was the pinnacle (in terms of mechanics and features) of what Aki was doing. I probably had more hours logged in Revenge, especially in multiplayer, than I did in No Mercy.

Posted by Super__Sam

I totally back you on choosing WWF No Mercy! My personal favorite is WCW/nWo Revenge, but I'm a WCW fan heh heh. Those games are definitely the best games on the N64.

Posted by The_Infamous_C4
Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Hooray for Super Smash Brothers Melee (by far my favourite of the series) and Mass Effect 2!

Posted by Marino
@DekuSword: Yeah, I'm not saying No Mercy is the best game on N64. I'm saying it (and/or the other AKI wrestling games) are my favorite for several reasons. If you check one of my earlier comments on the list, there's some stuff there about it.
Posted by DekuSword
@Marino: I'm not gonna argue with you that LttP is the best (in my oppinion OOT is, but I can very well understand liking LttP better because it is an absolutely amazing game too!). But still not choosing a great game just because 2 other great games from the same series are already on there is not the best reason to not list a game :P
Anywhoo not much of a point in discussing oppinions haha, but I was just surprised that you chose a WWF game whilst the N64 has a bunch of pure classics (OoT, MM, Mario64, Banjo Kazooie/Tooie, DK64, GoldenEye, Paper Mario, etc.) that would (imo) make more sense :P
Posted by Marino
@DekuSword: I'm a big Zelda fan, but I'm I know I'm in the minority when I say I'm not a huge fan of OoT. I'm not saying it was bad by any means, but LttP is still the best. And I already had two Zelda games on the list.
Posted by DekuSword

Cool list, and I can understand your choices (agree with a lot of them), but WWF no mercy instead of Ocarina of Time  made me cry really REALLY hard, in fact I'm still crying :'(

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers
@Marino: I'm a Zelda hater what can I say. ;)......however even as a Zelda hater I can say that A Link To The Past is a very good game....however, I think there are so many better games on the system.....I also played the hell out of the WWF N64 games, some good memories came out of those games.....and yes sir ME2 was easily one of my biggest let down games of all time, it played like a watered down ME1....played it once, then shelved it forever whereas I played through the original 5 or 6 times....so I had to give it a 1....its one of the worst 360 games I own....yeah marble blast is a good game, I was just surprised that it was your favorite especially considering a lot of strong titles coming out on the marketplace including Beyond Good and Evil HD and Super Meat Boy
Posted by Marino
@Unknown_Pleasures: Clearly we like different stuff. ;) 
I'm not saying the games on the list are the "best" games on each system, but they're my favorites.   
Just to defend my picks a bit, I don't how old you are of course, but being six or seven years old and playing the first Legend of Zelda was simply enchanting. Even with a map from Nintendo Power, there were so many unknowns in that game that we discovered as a family. I would come home from first grade and be furious that my mom had discovered a new dungeon before me. Obviously this was pre-Internet, so the word of mouth rumors and trading of secrets is one my favorite memories when it comes to games.  
Saying Link to the Past is outclassed in any sense is borderline blasphemous in my eyes. Aside from EQ, it's my favorite game of all time.
We've had this discussion before I think, but it's totally PSX and always will be. I don't care if they changed their branding later, that's what it was originally. URNOTe!! ;)  PlayStation is probably my favorite console of all time, so picking one game was difficult, but I really loved FF8. 
WWF No Mercy (and WM2000, Revenge, WCW WT) got sooooo many hours of play between my friends and I in high school that I could not deny giving it my favorite N64 game vote. So many great memories with those games. It's hilarious to me now, but I was mad at the time, when during spring break in Destin, FL one year some of my friends captured all the championships in Revenge with one of the shitty no name guys in the game. 
As for SSX, I simply cannot understand the blind love for Tricky. Yes, it was great fun, but it was really just a special edition of the first game. It was all the same areas just redone. SSX3 made so many great advancements to the franchise that it was virtually impossible to improve upon, as we found out when On Tour was just kinda meh. SSX3 is clearly the pinnacle of the franchise. 
As for BG&E, I sat there and stared at my shelf of Xbox games and nothing really jumped out at me. It was between BG&E or NFL 2K5. I could easily flip flop between those. And I may actually change it at some point. 
You gave ME2 a 1? Really? ...Really? 
Marble Blast Ultra was/is great. I still go back and play it occasionally. Again, it may not be the best XBLA, but it's my favorite.
Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

I'm going to grade your picks on a 1-10 scale (only grading the ones I have played), and yes I realize that these are your opinions but I feel like critiquing them anyways to see what you think.   

The Legend of Zelda - 5 (I personally don't think its even close to being the best NES game but I can see why people like it) 

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past - 7 (The SNES is such a great system with so many great games that its hard to pick just one, link to the past was one of the few zelda games I enjoyed but when it comes to a system that has so many classics, its outclassed IMO. Not a bad pick though.) 

Final Fantasy VIII - 5 (minus one point for calling it PSX [its PS1 damn it!] I really enjoyed the card battle minigame and the story but the gameplay was awkward IMO.) 

WWF No Mercy - 4 (N64 WWF games were pretty good, but when your looking at a system that has such classics like Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, etc. this pick seems really silly) 

SSX 3 - 6 (SSX Tricky was a much better game IMO, but I will admit because the PS2 has such a massive library its almost impossible to pick one game so I graded this one easier, picking a non-exclusive is strange though especially considering how many great PS2 exclusives there are) 
Beyond Good & Evil - 7 (again not picking an exclusive is strange, but more excusable due to the Xbox not having as many good exclusives as the PS2, Beyond Good & Evil is a cult classic)
Super Smash Bros. Melee - 8 (I like this pick, great addicting game, definitely one of the stand outs of a relatively weak console)
Mass Effect 2 - 1 (lets just say I was very disappointed in ME2 ;))
Marble Blast Ultra - 3 (sure its a good game, but come on the best? I don't think so)
Overall grade: 5.1/10
Some strange picks in there but hey its your opinion afterall. :)
Recommending this list because you put a lot of effort in it with the descriptions and all.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Super Mario Galaxy? Mario & Luigi? Final Fantasy VIII? ...we may be the same person. But wait, Link to the Past is better than Ocarina? And Super Metroid/Chrono Trigger/Mega Man X? Uh...well, that's your call I guess. I want to steal this list idea and make my own! Okay? Okay. Read mine. Thanks!

Posted by maimran91

I couldn't agree more

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

No Mercy and Paper Toss are the best choices for their respective systems. You have some of the best lists on the site.

Posted by Strubes

I've got to say, for the systems I've owned, I would agree with most of your picks. Spot on with Uncharted 2, Animal Crossing Wild World (I swear that game, if melted, becomes fine crack cocaine), NFL 2K1, and Super Mario Galaxy. The other games are very good as well. Great job on the list.

Posted by Marino
@Plasticpals: It was tough for sure.  I currently have over 100 games for the system, but if I had to pick one game, FFVIII would still be it.
Posted by Plasticpals

Playstation 1 has too many amazing games to pick just one!

Posted by Diamond

Nice!  Everquest was so great, but what really amazes me is your listing of Car Wars!  God damn that game was great, perhaps not my favorite TI994a game, I also loved A Maze ing, TI Toad, TI Invaders, but it's up there.  To this day I can enjoy a game of Car Wars.
I also had TI994a as my first gaming platform.

Posted by Red12b

Shit yeah, Metal slug, I spent so much money down in the arcades playing that game, wicked.