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Posted by SUPERhys

Wow, man, you're missing out on some great gems there! Especially seeing as you own them! :D

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Posted by Marino

Yeah.  It's pretty sad.  I need to make a list of games I've finished in a half-assed attempt to save some face.

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Posted by Neon941

There's some really awesome games on this list, if I wasn't told what it was I might mistake it for a list of someone's favorite games instead. I admit I'm just as bad I have a large back catalogue of games that I've barely touched, but I think if I made a list like this or if I were you I'd just start at the top of the list and work my way down until I'd finished them all.
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Posted by Marino

Something to think about in 40 years or so when I'm retired. 
#1 on the list will likely be Chrono Cross.

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Posted by insouciant

You didn't beat Super Paper Mario?  I'm surprised.  That game is fun.
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Posted by Ariketh

Wow. You missed out.

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Posted by miva2

take a year off work and play these games

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Posted by Marino
@miva2: If I could I would
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Posted by 5parrowhawk

Oh lol, here's another chap who didn't finish Half-Life 2, still possesses a sealed copy of Psychonauts, and had exactly the same reaction to Nuts & Bolts. 
You're not missing much with Golden Sun or Disgaea 2 (both of which I completed), I'd say. For that matter, I really dug Okami's art style, but just couldn't bring myself to like the gameplay - the brush system seemed utterly superfluous - so no shame there either. 
That being said, it'd be pretty easy to remove ZOE from the pile. That game is pretty damn short and I rather liked it, although the ending is obviously a setup for the sequel. I guess if it isn't your cup of tea, there's no helping it though.

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Posted by Astras

Lol, love the Half life 2 one... LOOL got stuck in a sewer and turned it off.. thats low man :P

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Posted by MauveForest

I think I got stuck in the same place you did in Half-Life 2. I couldn't get out so I gave up. :(

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Posted by seanwithoutyou

you're missing out not finishing MGS, it was one of the most anticipated and best games of 98

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Posted by Sepultallica86

Man, you should just give mgs a chance, it`ll take you like 5-7 hrs. it takes me like 4 now, because ive beaten over 30 timess, but just give it a chance, takes one to two sittings really.

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Posted by DrJota

As much as I'd like to say "Well I finished a lot of those,hardy har har!"......I must confess to not getting around to a metric ton of those listed,and otherwise.Guess this is the game equivalent of AA,and the first step to fixing the problem is realizing there's a problem... ;-)

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Posted by Little_Socrates

I've got my own similar list. Okami was in mine. 
About three rather dispersed hours of Okami are very good (while its art is solid, it never blew me away, so I'll leave that to personal preference.) The rest of the game can probably only be honestly described as rubbish in the gameplay and characterization departments. People will likely respond with the handful of examples that make me overall like the game, but so much the game is work that I can never recommend it. It's a massive slog, and while you'll like the game after you put that much painful time into it, there are still better experiences to be had more accessibly. 
Never finished Majora's Mask myself, and it's probably the only 3D Zelda that I can say I like without reservation. Kingdom Hearts is also on my list, though I don't feel as bad about that one. My Psychonauts save was lost with my original Xbox. I was at the end of Golden Sun, and I was stuck against a certain enemy. I let my cousin play, and sure enough she went ahead and beat the whole game, as well as the bonus content. 
I am also still playing No More Heroes at a rate of one boss fight every nine months.

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Posted by Scribbly

O_O My pile of shame pales in comparison.  Even though yours is mainly JRPGs, some of those games aren't quite as massively long, so you could attempt them. If you played one game from that list, my suggestion would be Half Life 2 or Psychonauts. God of War 1 doesn't seem that good when compared to the sequel, which ups the game considerably, so it doesn't really matter too much if you don't play it.

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Posted by Soap

Oh man, my pile of shame is constantly growing, I have whole series of games that I've bought and intended to play and never even started. sigh 
Great list :D

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Posted by pikeplacer

Oh wow! You bought something from Pink Goriila! Basterd! They are my top gamestore! FUN FACT: They used to be called Pink Godzilla.
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Posted by Marino
@pikeplacer Yeah I think they were still Godzilla the first time I went to PAX and then it was Gorilla the next year. At first I just thought I had originally read it wrong.
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Edited by pikeplacer
Pink Godzilla is amazing. Great service tons of games.... If you ever visit Seattle, make sure to go there. They also opened a second store and an arcade. Speak of the devil, I just got back from there, might  work there, too. They know me so I'd get free games! Yay!
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Posted by Marino
@pikeplacer: I've been to Seattle three times, but that's always for PAX and they have a booth at the show. So, I never had a need to go to their store. Is it in downtown?
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Posted by pikeplacer
Even if you go to PAX, you should check out the store, theres a shiz-pod more stuff. There are two, one by the University of WA (Pink Gorilla), and one in the international district (Pink Godzilla), wich is sorta down town. If you wan't exact directions let me know. ANOTHER FUN FACT: Did you know they developed there own card game and it sells well on eBay?
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Posted by UnsolvedParadox

I had the same problem with Metal Gear Solid, but it was more a matter of being supremely terrible at it.

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Posted by swf567

Proof of awesome games moderators think that are bad and idiots being so!

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Posted by WMoyer83


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Posted by dbene

Wow those are some great games to never finish. I have to admit though in my twenties (during the years of 1995-2005......I was addictded to "buying and collecting" games. It was true gamer ADD. I loved playing games, but I was addicted to owning and experiencing all that was out there instead of the actual game experience. Later when I got older and had kids and less time to play I have refocused and have dedicated more time to finishing games. As a kid...and as an adult I understood this but my twenties was a fun gaming mess of a time.....LOL

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Posted by dvdhaus

You and I looks like have similar problems, some games would be shared on my list. Maybe I should get started on that list.

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Posted by Marino

@dvdhaus: To add another layer of sadness to this list, I haven't updated it in probably 2 years. It should be longer.

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Edited by Dan_CiTi

Damn!!! And you got some good games here too. Xenogears is a classic. Same with MGS1, except that is a pretty short and easy game besides a few parts here and there. Okami is almost too easy outside of getting all of the beads(most people never even die the entire game), so I can't see that being tough at all.

A few of these have had improved remakes or ports, especially Persona, and I would take that over the original any day.

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Posted by Video_Game_King

You can just skip Persona 1. Nobody's gonna get pissed at you for doing so.

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Posted by Slither_Maggot

After seeing this list it makes me feel less ashamed of that fact that I've done the same thing (picked up games for collecting purposes but never played yet) and there are some great games on here. I haven't finished Viewtiful Joe, Metroid Prime, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, or Bully either.