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Posted by Diamond

It's supposed to be 'You be soft'.

Posted by Ghostface318
@Phished0ne said:
" @Kevitte said:
" @DanielJW said:

" @Phished0ne said:

" now, start updating the list with possible reasons why he pronounces things that way...obviously "Frah-gee-lay" is a reference to A Christmas Story..right? "
I would love to if I had the slightest idea. I could post in user ideas, like yours and ColnelT's.   
This is obviously a fair bit after A Christmas Story but I'm pretty sure I remember Homer Simpson saying "frah-gee-lay" at some point (although that itself could be a reference to ACS). "
yeah well that point it just turns into a chain, Homer saying Frah-Gee-Lay would be a reference to ACS, so even if Ryan was referencing the simspons, in the end he would be referencing ACS......my head is going to explode.. "
To make this worse, both ACS and The Simpsons could be referencing an older use of this joke. Groucho Marx in  "Animal Crackers" from the 1930's. Mr. Davis is either an old soul, or he is the undead Groucho Marx
Posted by corijo

Dude you are missing how he says "barcelona", it's something like barfelona. Watch the wheelmen quicklook and see.

Posted by MetalGearSunny
@Diamond said:
" It's supposed to be 'You be soft'. "
This is suggestive.
Posted by Rmack

Just a quick note - "robit" is also from Homestar Runner.

Edited by Brackynews

Saying "Neen-ten-doe" like Iwata is enough of a flourish in my book.
edit: Also Kah-Nah-Dah is historically accurate.

Posted by TheGreatGuero

Dude, I love this list.

Edited by W0lfbl1tzers

I love this list but you have Pirates twice. 24 and 36.

Posted by thegoldencat7

This is just supoib.
Edited by DanielJW
@W0lfbl1tzers said:

" I love this list but you have Pirates twice. 24 and 36. "

Woops! Thank you sir! Fixed it! 
@Brackynews: I've been wrestling with whether or not I should add this one. I will now, since you have created demand! Haha.
Posted by Standing_Gopher

I've been known to commonly use robit, Batmin, and zambie, ever since I started listening to the wonderful words of Ryan T. Davis.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Sonic Colours?

Posted by theditor

The entomology for "Oh-Hi-ooo" might be a reference to the Neil Young "Four Dead in Ohio" song. 
Also, I might be mistaken but I think his pronunciation of nintendo might be more related to Mario than Iwata.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Such win. And true, too.

Posted by Losfer

Best list!

Posted by Noodles

This is awesome on so many levels.

Posted by Brackynews

Recent catches:
Difficulty lee-vill
Aston Mar-teen
3D (possibly "trays dee" I didn't note exactly)

Posted by Agent47

Pretty interesting unique list.

Posted by mustachioeugene

#41 might be a reference to 1943's Warner Bros. short Falling Hare starring Bugs Bunny.  

  ...at the 1:30ish mark, Bugs pronounces 'Diabolical Sabotage' and I've long adapted that pronunciation, as such whenever Ryan uses sabotage all I can think of is this old cartoon.
Posted by Benny

I don't know if it's been mentioned but I think the "Min" prefix is a call-back to when carrie gouskous said "Ray-min" once on a podcast instead of 'Rayman', without a hint of irony, and was subsequently mocked thenceforth for doing so.

Posted by spencer_twin

Number 16. It's a reference from Kindergarten Cop.  Arnold- I have a headache. kid- maybe it's a tumor.  Arnold-AAAGH IT IS NOT A TOO-MAH. IT'S NOT A TOO-MAH

Posted by koca_koala@shaw.ca

In the Garshasp Quick Look he says "camera" as "calm-ah-rah". It's at around 6:10

Posted by Conny

He probably says "piratas" on account of it's the Spanish word for pirates. 

Posted by BisonHero

Ryan consistently pronounces Ubisoft as "Ooh-bee-soft". He very occasionally seems to remember that it is actually pronounced "Yoo-bee-soft", like in this week's podcast (7/19/2011).

Posted by Ventilaator

Nier Quick Look. 23 minutes and 30 seconds. "Path is blocked" is pronounced by Ryan in a flourishy manner.

Posted by ComradeKhan


Posted by Hamst3r

Giant Bombcast 06-26-2012:

Query - "kwair-ee"

Posted by gakushya

if i gave you the IPA for every word would u put it on the list?

Posted by hazyship

Pirates, guerrilla and hurricane all seem like Ryan using the Spanish equivalents of those words, with varying degrees of success.

Posted by Deusoma

Fuck, Ryan Davis. RIP, big guy, your verbal flourishes are just one of the many reasons you'll never be forgotten.

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