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Posted by Wools

@Sparky_Buzzsaw: Thanks! I come back to this list every so often and go through my Top 20. It's interesting to see which classics don't stand up to modern games and how games I played through multiple times just a year ago, now don't even enter my head for consideration.

Hope you enjoy 3D Land. Mario 64 was my favourite Videogame ever made (And in some ways will probably remain my most fondly remembered) but its astonishing how great 3D Land is. It takes you back to your childhood, filled with wonder and awe but it's not about ticking your nostalgic boxes. It really is one of the greats and the way it throws classic levels and puzzles at you is astonishing.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

That's a good list. I think I'd rate Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 as better than Super Mario 3D Land, but I'm just getting into the latter.