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Posted by ahoodedfigure

How did you achieve paragraph breaks?  Html?   
I think it's a bit weird to emulate a pen and paper system exactly when the playstyle isn't really the same for CRPGs anyway.  Emulate it exactly and things might be a bit cumbersome, especially since one player is expected to manage a whole party all the time and there's no DM to make judgments on questionable issues.

Posted by SpudzDK

I´m not sure how to post code in comments but < B R > without the spaces works to break lines.  

I´m assuming you are referring to Temple of Elemental Evil in your comment. I completely understand why PnP or tabletop games usually are not translated 1 to 1 to computer games, since it seems to mostly end up becomming a mess. That said, some games like Temple used a system very well suited for a video game translation and indeed I feel the direct translation of D&D games (I use that merely as an example because it is a system I used to know very well) which was a turnbased fighting system is inherently better as a turnbased system than some vein attempt at "sparking it up a bit" by making it realtime (Baldur´s gate/Icewind dale and Neverwinter Nights as an example) Not that those more approximatory systems didn´t work at all. They where in fact all games that have a special place in my heart and probably always will.   
You are ofcourse right in that you aren´t necessarily playing with your friends in the same way you would be in the PnP version and thus, alot of what makes those games fun have been shifted away from your hanging out with friends to being solely focused on the content of the game and it makes good sense that Temple of Elemental Evil would feel rather dull to someone who is not interested in the D&D system in its own right.
When they switch to realtime I feel balance as well as system concepts often breaks and needs to be remodeled for this new timescale which in turn breaks more aspects that now needs to be rectified. In the end ending up with a system that could very well be very good and fun but likely not be the system you initially started out with and is touting on your game-box that you are using. Indeed in the D&D cideo games I usually had vastly different preferences with charcater and strategy than I had in my PnP games. 
I´m assuming though, that game-system-use is more a brand issue than anything else, and indeed it feels lately the focus of using brands seems to me to have switched away from what game system you use to what IP-world it is set in. A good example being Dawn of War 2 which ofcourse in no way whatsoever tries to recreate the tabletop game but rather focuses completely on recreating the feel and style of the world it is set in. 
... holy crap, wall of text. I´ll shut up now >.<
Posted by gosukiller

I'll mirror the love for Freespace 2, because it deserves it. Damn the legal nightmare that is the Freespace trademark...