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Posted by PsychoPenguin
Posted by Saltank

How about Vectorman

Posted by fisk0

Mechwarrior twice in the list, but no Wing Commander?

I loved MechWarrior, but I'd much rather see a new WC game, and wasn't that a bigger franchise than MW at it's peak, and has been away for much longer (MW4 Mercenaries ~2003, WC: Prophecy 1998)?

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Well, now we're getting an X-Com game.  Hooray?
How about take it into space, mercenaries, that sort of thing.  Kind of like Laser Squad, X-Com's predecessor?

Posted by Tebbit

System Shock doesn't need a reboot. All I ask of a SS3 is that the weapons don't degrade at a rate of knots, and that peoples faces arn't modeled after the shape of a rough diamond.

Posted by JJ

I could definitely go for some Jeopardy. I think that 1 vs 100 is better suited though.

Posted by Jimbo7676

I've always wanted to see a new good Interstate '76 game. I loved that game. I'd probably be happy if they just remade it.

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Is Mechassault  a spin-off of Mechwarrior? I've always wondered but I'm too lazy to search Google for the answer.

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

The moment I saw MechWarrior on the list, you made a fan for life. :)

Posted by jakob187

New MechWarrior is on the way.  New Deus Ex is on the way.  New Alien vs. Predator is on the way.  That knocks three off your list right there. 
Painkiller: Resurrection is a stand-alone expansion for Painkiller that gives a new protagonist and updates the engine it ran on. 
Other than that...2K Games has the license to X-COM now, so I'm sure that'll be a big announcement for E3. 
Other than that, it's an alright list, Snide.  But Jeopardy?  Really?

Posted by Jimbo

7.62 from 1C this year looked a bit Jaggedy Alliancey, but sadly it also looked terrible.  Anybody played it?
The Mysteries of Westgate expansion for NWN2 is excellent if you haven't played it.  It's a real shame how Ossian Studios and their game were treated - they've got talent, I'd like to see what they could do with a real budget and a better publisher.

Posted by eroticfishcake

Deus Ex, X-Com, Jagged Alliance...great games but such high expectations are bound to make the last of the series more disappointing.

Edited by NathHaw

I would love to see a new Pilotwings.  That game was pretty ahead of its time with ideas that could be so much better improved today.  BTW, the Super Nintendo is my favorite system ever.  ;)
Also wanted to add that playing Mechwarrior on an old 286 will always hold a place in my heart.

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Deus Ex and System Shock are awesome, I'd like to see a new game for each too!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Dude!  The Prisoner :)  

Since Looney Toons wasn't always just for kids, I wonder if they could manage to have some of that relevance instead of just pandering to what they think kids want.  We grew up with Looney Toons, and even if we didn't understand all of the references I think we wound up a tad more sophisticated for it.  (Sympathy for Wile E. Coyote, for example)
Posted by Turbo_Toaster

YEAH MechWarrior!  I was just thinking about it the other day =B
I was always amazed at how shitty the Looney Tunes games were when they could potentially be awesome.

Posted by Poki3

@ D&D - isn't the 4th edition kind of a reboot already?
@ Mechwarrior - aren't they making a new game right now?
Oh, you kind of forgot Tony Hawk. They kind of tried to reboot it, but failed miserably and need another reboot :/

Posted by Oni

here's hoping Eidos' Deux Ex 3 will be good, because I feel the same way you do. 1 is pretty much my favorite pc game ever.

Posted by gpbmike

I would love to see Mechwarrior, Close Combat and Aliens get redone.