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Posted by MajesticOverlord

#14 Batman, you might want to edit "Badman" into "Batman" unless for some reason it was intentional. 

Apart from that great compilation. :) 
Posted by VanderSEXXX

Funny and good write ups there. :D

Posted by habster3
@EliminatoR said:
"I love this list.One of the best. "
Posted by EliminatoR

I love this list.One of the best.
Posted by Fantastical

Just wanted to comment that I randomly found this list, and I think it's great. )

Posted by gonzab
@Pepsiman: Awesome, I'm looking forward to that.
Expecting some more interesting games too.
Posted by Pepsiman
@gonzab:  If it's any consolation, I more or less intend to do another one of these lists for this year's batch of games come December. I'd like to make it a tradition.
Posted by gonzab

This is an awesome list. I wish there were more original ideas like this one.
And really interesting games too.

Posted by DemonHeart

omg !
you put  RapeLay  on this list? 
yeah you right about that  
still my young friend want play that?

Posted by raidingkvatch

Thanks for taking the time to write such a sweet list dude

Posted by Valkyr

Award: "Best Game that was Relevant for its Preorder Bonus, not its Gameplay,". Epic

Award: "Best Korean MMO That Isn't MapleStory," because it's both Korean and not MapleStory at the same time. Who would have thought such an achievement could be possible!? . Ragnarok Online and Lineage 2 are both Korean and very popular, RO has the most amazing and hardcore guild event in MMORPG history

Posted by miva2

great on Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman!: What Did I Do To Deserve This? and Borderlands :D
wtf@Brazil XD
nice list dude

Posted by LordAndrew

I'm sure Lux-Pain's localization team will be disappointed to hear that you don't hold Lux-Pain's amazing localization in the same regard as Castle Shikigami 2's.
And are you telling me there was a game included with my Raiho plush? Madness!

Posted by Druminator

Great guide dude!!

Posted by Snail

This list is so much win, simply because of the Brazil entry.

Posted by Pepsiman
@HaltIamReptar: I did it off and on over the course of several hours, mostly on Christmas Day. I never end up doing anything then, so suffice it to say that free time was in no particularly short supply for this most recent one.
Edited by HaltIamReptar

Oh dear.  How long did this take to write?
Fantastic stuff, by the way.

Posted by Milkman

This is all the way fantastic.

Posted by Pepsiman
@JohnAsscream: I just make the Internet my show as it is. Most of the time I just drive people to put themselves in insane asylums, but that's all in a day's work, really.
Posted by BackpackKat

You need a show to express your genius on!
Posted by MetalGearSunny

You are a genius.

Posted by Dethfish

This is a great list.

Posted by Winternet

A little too long, but a great list.

Posted by Pepsiman
Posted by Symphony
@Pepsiman said:
" @Symphony: Thanks! I doubt the next one will be anywhere near as prolific, but I shall attempt to live up to the legacy I apparently have now. "
Indeed, expectations are high now! Fail to meet them and no doubt someone will create a list entitled "The games, people, and events that led to the rise and fall of Pepsiman"
Posted by Pepsiman
@Symphony: Thanks! I doubt the next one will be anywhere near as prolific, but I shall attempt to live up to the legacy I apparently have now.
Posted by Symphony

Wonderful list, Pepsi. Your lists are always terrific and I'm looking forward to the next one you write!

Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: hehe, yeah. we should stop now. we took up almost two pages.  

 Here's a picture of a cute baby. d'Awwww :3 
Posted by Pepsiman
@AjayRaz: I'm a communist anyway, so it's bound to happen for some reason or other. The reds aren't exactly a well-loved bunch in the States. :D
Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: at least you go along with my insanity, Pepsi. I like you for doing that. I believe we will be good friends.  
I suppose we deserve to go to jail, with all the nonsense we've posted here. 
Posted by Pepsiman
@AjayRaz: Hell, I kept it up. We're both responsible for the demise of this comment board! :D
Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: i'm prepared for it. BRING IT ON, MA'AM! I'll even fight back! 
also, I'm sorry for kind of cluttering your comment board with our nonsense. i tend to get out of hand all the time .__.. i'll stop now ^^; 
Posted by Pepsiman
@AjayRaz: You keep telling yourself all that if it'll make you feel better about your impending doom. :)
Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: When is this going to happen, exactly? If it's worse than what Ty offers, then i'm really fucking scared.  
Seriously. I had to get operated from the damaged that she caused on me. I'll survive your ass kicking, though. I'm not gonna let you kill me for the little that i've done. Plus, the people you've done it to are probably pussies. they can't handle it. 
Posted by Pepsiman
@AjayRaz: I've seen TyphoonSwell do her thing on numerous occasions. It really, really doesn't compare to what I have in store at all. Promise.
Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: Surely in this case i'm good enough to be in front of your presence. it'll be a breeze.. i hope. i've gone through insanity before. besides, it can't be as bad as anything that I went through with TyphoonSwell. 
Posted by Pepsiman
@AjayRaz: No, this would happen even if I was still free. It's how I make my relationships go forward and take them to a whole other level. Nobody's survived it yet, but all that tells me is that they weren't good enough to be in my presence anyway.
Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: really? REALLY? i was fine with the whole kickboxing ass kicking, but now i'm just fucking scared. this just seems more like some extreme pain with toys that just don't belong. you're going to do this to me, because I sent you to a korean prison where all you do is play eroge games? 
Posted by Pepsiman
@AjayRaz: Oh yeah, some of my kickboxing antics involve that sort of thing, too. Sometimes I get bored with just conventional stuff, so I use stuff like that to help me with act. Believe me. It'll be great!
Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: I fail to understand how i'm going to like your no-mercy attitude, and the possibility of my suicide due to your harsh ways. I also can't understand how we took up like, an entire page with this nonsense.  
though, i seem to like it already. it's much better than getting penetrated by large sex toys (don't ask.. >_>) 
Posted by Pepsiman
@AjayRaz: No mercy, not even for you, babe. You'll come to like it eventually. Sorry. :)
Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: you're evil! YOU HEAR ME?! EVIL! YOU ARE A TERRORIST! you want to see me suffer, now do you?  
i kind of like your tactic there, but it's oh so harsh :( 
Posted by Pepsiman
@TyphoonSwell: Christmas Day was pretty boring for me, so my idea of being productive was to make a big-ass list, instead of... other things.... The rationale of Pepsiman is one that not even she herself understands most of the time.
Posted by TyphoonSwell

.....You must be very bored.
I like it.

Posted by Pepsiman
@AjayRaz: Kickboxing is something that likes to take its sweet time sometimes. I can't be held responsible if my legs decide to drag it out for a while. :)
Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: b-but you wouldn't beat ME up, would you? you wouldn't! I haven't known you for very long, Pepsiterrorist, but i know that you wouldn't beat up a fellow (?) Ayane fan, would you?  
*gets down on knees*. Make it quick. I just want to get this beating over with! 
Posted by Pepsiman
@AjayRaz: Did I ever tell you that I mastered kickboxing a while back? It's a true story. I'm not an aggressive person unless provoked, but I can serve a dish of ass kicking easily. :)
Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: oh shit.. NO! that means you'll have the chance to beat me up everytime we go for lunch, and for whatever work we have to do! :(. At least Paris violent.. right ? getting beaten up by the two of you would make this stay even worse!  
oh well, i'm sure you wouldn't beat up lil' ol me ^^ 
Posted by Pepsiman
@AjayRaz: Pretty sure it reads "Paris Hilton." She helped me quite a lot in committing these crimes against humanity. I am, however, in the cell right across the hall from you. :D
Posted by AjayRaz
@Pepsiman: i understand. besides, i'm sure the chances of us being in the same cell are unlikely. i'm in cell 13-B. how about you?  
oh.. oh shit. my cell mate's name starts with a P... but the rest is faded out.. i'm kind of scared >_> 
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