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Posted by Doppelgamer

I was just re-reading the list here, and noticed that Jeff Conaway had died. :-( Loved his character on Babylon 5...

Posted by iAmJohn

Just for the record: I have totally heard of Lucky Luke. But I've never played a CD-I so you win this round.

Posted by Brackynews

@Doppelgamer: I like your thinking, I surely do. I asked the judges for a ruling and after shooting some guys they said no dice and also shot The Simpsons game off the list. With no evidence to the contrary, it looks like the arcade game itself didn't self declare, so she's off the list and no pizza neither. Ay caramba.

Posted by Doppelgamer

Let us not forget the ever-confusing TMNT II: The Arcade Game for the NES.  It's a console video game that somehow manages to be an arcade game, without technically being one!  Oh sure, there was an arcade version, but this was obviously a NES cartridge.  Who did they think they were fooling?  ...What's this?  A coupon for a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut?  *forgets what he was talking about and goes in search of free food*
Great list.

Posted by Claude

EA Sports gets left out because they're in the game.

Posted by afrokola

Very clever, I liked this a lot. Defintely had me chuckling.

Edited by Brackynews
@LordAndrew Dang that got missed in my search. I have the S-rank too. Maybe there are more I should look for.

The only way to beat that title is if Beijing used the word Official twice.
Posted by LordAndrew

Although it lacks the word "video", I really like The Official Game of the Movie. Actually, all of that title is fantastic. It only needed two words in the title, but the marketing types decided ten words would roll off the tongue better.