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Posted by LordAndrew

Too bad. I'd love to see Mario cut off Cloud Strife's arm with a chainsaw and use it to beat up pantless zombies.

Posted by Brazzle

There are numerous evil moustaches in Pokemon, team rocket comes to mind.
All in all, funny list. Good stuff.

Edited by TheOmegaMetroid
Thanks for the recommendations. 

Yeah, that'd be pretty awesome.  I'd love to see it, too.
My mistake.  Well, at least we won't see good guys whose mustaches are evil.  I think.  Thanks. 
Posted by VinylSlash

Actually, doesn't the move "Sky Uppercut" resemble a Dragon Punch in the Pokémon Stadium games?

Posted by maimran91

Niko Bellic of GTA 4 or Carl Johnson of GTA SA

Posted by TheOmegaMetroid
I haven't played the Pokémon Stadium games, so thanks for pointing that out. 
Thanks.  I'll add them.
Edited by SuperTiencha

haha great list. I like that you put Luigi in their because it is true Nintendo hates him for some reason. You should put Geno on the list because unfortunately him appearing again will never happen.

Posted by habster3

Add sex, nudity, and extreme violence to the list. Then, it would be perfect.

Posted by TehFlan

There were bombs in the the three Sinnoh Pokemon Games.

Posted by Hailinel