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Posted by doomsilver

What is this list about?

Posted by stubbleman

You might consider adding this promotional line from Illbleed on the Dreamcast. "You'll shit with fear."

Posted by nintendoeats

This list improved my life. Thankyou.

I really hate Bobby Kotick on a personal level.

Posted by L33tfella_H

I feel like that Sound design video for Rage has quite a few nuggets including "If there was an actor from Hollywood that could survive an asteroid destroying the earth, [John Goodman] would be on that list" - id's mantra on hiring voice talent, from the sounds of it.

Posted by Goly

I think I've got a new quote for this list. I had just finished God of War and was quietly watching the making of when suddenly:

  6:29 "You should play God of War because it'll get you laid" I burst out laughing
Posted by Portis

This list is so good.

"Infinity Ward - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: How good? Eating your fav ice cream while getting a bj in zero gravity ... is a close 2nd." - Dane Cook

Haha, what the fuck? Is this from one of his comedy albums? Which one?

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

This is an awesome list.

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Posted by Diachron

Hah-- excellent list.  Very original.
Posted by ThePickle
Some to consider:
Ridge Racer PSP

Kaz: "Riiiiiiidge Raaaaaaacer"

Bill Ritch: "Famous battles which actually took place in Japan... so here we have this giant enemy crab."
"You attack its weak point for massive damage." 

"Real time... weapon switch." 
Posted by zyn

Great list.

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Awesome list my man.  As dumb as some of these statements are they sure do provide us with a good laugh or two.

Posted by Underachiever007

All your lists are amazing. Followed.

Posted by Yummylee

You're one of the few people that I'm honoured to follow here. <3

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Posted by buzz_killington

Amazing list man.

Posted by mosespippy

Needs to be updated to include David Jaffe's FUCKALITY comment about Kratos in Mortal Kombat.

Posted by TheKeyboardDemon

Some of those quote made me laugh. That's a real quality collection of quotes.

Posted by Romination

That Carmack quote, though, is from a long-ass time ago. Like, around Doom. There being a story in Rage, for more 15 years later, just means he's read the changes in the expectations.

Posted by SeriousCat

Excellent list but really needs Soulja Boy's Braid review.

Posted by Worm

No more heroes... Ahhh.. I say this game's story line is like porn.

Posted by Schlorgan

Love it! :D


Funny because half the games that said "We are amazing yeah!" (or something along those lines) are amazing shit. 

Posted by procyon

You know, I actually think Ice-T was onto something there when he said they're not real people.

Posted by Russcat

Great list!

Posted by Hailinel

Ah, Krazy Ken.  Your insanity was such a joy.  Well, when you weren't trying to justify the obscene prices of home electronics. :P

Posted by Blunderboy

Awesome stuff.

Posted by CalebCrawdad
@Brodehouse:  rofffffffl
Posted by FireSketch

This list is incredible! I think the good Doctor's quote is the best.

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Posted by Azteck

25. is still my favorite one. I mean, it's just so true.

Posted by ChernobylCow

Funny stuff.

Posted by TMThomsen

Amazing list

Posted by Brodehouse

Great list.
Possible addition; One shot, center mass.

Posted by Crushed

Erik Wolpaw is one of the funniest men in the industry.

Posted by Siphillis

Jonathan Davis sounds better with Jeff's voice.

Edited by Pepsiman

The original No More Heroes is also notable for having a game launch that involved giving away toilet paper.

Posted by Droop

Haha some of these are crazy. Nice list.

Posted by Symphony

Hehe, great list so far. Wish I could think of some more to add, but drawing blanks atm.