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Posted by TMThomsen

Nice collection of videos. On a side note, how did you get videos embedded in a list?

Posted by Hamst3r
@TMThomsen said:
" Nice collection of videos. On a side note, how did you get videos embedded in a list? "
I pasted the Youtube embed code into the comment field. :)
Posted by FireSketch

Nice list! The formatting is nice too :)

Posted by Hamst3r
@FireSketch: Thanks!
Posted by Raymayne

Just wanted to say that these videos are awesome. I was interested in Amnesia after playing the demo last week and noticed your playthrough and loved your commentary on it lol, it's become part of my daily routine now to check for the latest part. And it was awesome to click on your profile and find all these other playthroughs, I've watched a few of them now, just started Metro 2033 and the vids just keep getting better and more hilarious. Anyway so yeah keep it up! =] 
p.s I'm Not Alone looked like it was a total bitch to play, kudos on making it all the way through

Posted by Anonathon

I tried downloading the Amnesia demo off steam but for some reason my computer wouldn't play it, so I proceeded to google to try and find someone else in a similar situation to me but couldn't find a thing. Throughout the several hundred searches I did, one of them ended up as a link to your Lets Play. Boy am I glad Amnesia didn't work, if it had, I never would've found this play through. I just made this account to say that...so yeah. Keep up the awesomeness! 

Posted by Hamst3r
@Raymayne: *high five* Thanks!
@Anonathon: Wow! Thanks as well. :D
Edited by Jimbo_N

Just found your videos and currently watching Amnesia. Its easily one of the most enjoyable commentated playthroughs of a game that I've found so far that isnt from the Giant Bomb crew themselves. Very pleasant and not trying to overdo the commentary.  
Keep it up, ill be working on watching your older ones very soon!
Posted by mithhunter55

Great list here, better then going though the youtube channel page.

Posted by Ghostface318

Hey, when making my 2010 list, this list was listed alongside. I just wanted to let you know that watching your video of Super Meat Boy made me remember my experiences with that bastard of a game and convinced me to add it to my list, and I shouted you out in it. Respect.

Posted by Hamst3r
@Ghostface318:  Woo! :D
Posted by ELpork

Do you do any capturing off of a 360? If you do, what do you use?

Posted by Hamst3r
@ELpork:  I only capture from PC using Fraps.
I have a BlackMagic Intensity capture card for 360 captures but it's quality isn't as good and it's finicky, so I simply don't bother anymore.
Edited by Jimbo_N

Been watching alot of "Let's plays" on YouTube lately and it kinda felt like coming home going back to Hamst3r and the new Crysis 2 run. Not suprisingly, this list right here is still composed of the most enjoyable LP's out there and I still can't put my finger on exacly why.  Black magic? Hamster power? Or it might actually be that being comfortable talking to yourself is sooo much harder than most people think when they sit down and make vids like these.

Posted by Hamst3r
@Jimbo_N: Haha, thanks! :)
Posted by mylifeforAiur

How do you deal with the excessive size of the Fraps' recordings? Do you have a specific program you use to minimize the size? 

Posted by Bamsen

Awesome collection of videos duder. Have you ever considered a Dark Souls playthrough?

Posted by Hamst3r

@Bamsen said:

Awesome collection of videos duder. Have you ever considered a Dark Souls playthrough?

Thanks! I have definitely considered it, but I just don't think it's a game for me. :P