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Edited by X19

ModNation Racers and StarCraft 2 (1st time) has been put on the same date July 23, 2010. Did they do both on the same day? 
Edit: StarCraft 2 (1st time) was on the 30th.

Posted by Gill
@X19: Looked through old GB articles and checked a calender. The 30th was a Friday, so ModNation was on the 22nd and SCII was on the 29th.
Posted by thomasonfa

Thanks for the list.

Posted by MormonWarrior

I played on the Nuts & Bolts TNT. I even won a round or two. That was fun.

Posted by X19

Are you not updating this anymore Gill?

Posted by Gill

@X19: Just been extremely busy between exams and moving. I'll probably catch back up within a week or so.

Posted by JustinAquarius

Good list

Posted by Xymox

No idea why this isn't easier to access. Thanks for this list, you're awesome.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Oh god it's all broken.

Edited by Gill

@mordeaniischaos: Yep...has been since the new site. I've been way too lazy for the last 2 years to update it, but I can't bring myself to just delete it.

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