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Edited by gill

@mordeaniischaos: Yep...has been since the new site. I've been way too lazy for the last 2 years to update it, but I can't bring myself to just delete it.

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Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Oh god it's all broken.

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Posted by Xymox

No idea why this isn't easier to access. Thanks for this list, you're awesome.

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Posted by JustinAquarius

Good list

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Posted by gill

@X19: Just been extremely busy between exams and moving. I'll probably catch back up within a week or so.

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Posted by X19

Are you not updating this anymore Gill?

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Posted by MormonWarrior

I played on the Nuts & Bolts TNT. I even won a round or two. That was fun.

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Posted by thomasonfa

Thanks for the list.

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Posted by gill
@X19: Looked through old GB articles and checked a calender. The 30th was a Friday, so ModNation was on the 22nd and SCII was on the 29th.
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Edited by X19

ModNation Racers and StarCraft 2 (1st time) has been put on the same date July 23, 2010. Did they do both on the same day? 
Edit: StarCraft 2 (1st time) was on the 30th.

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Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

This is definitely one of the most useful lists on the site. Great job.

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Posted by gla55jAw

This list just made my day. I had no idea all of the TNTs were available for member download. I thought that was new with the last few. Thanks!

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Posted by X19
@Gill: It's for paid members only so I gave your list some publicity XD hope you don't mind.  
Think I will carry on with my thread too. 
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Posted by gill
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Posted by X19
@Gill: Hey Gill are you thinking they will put the TNT up on the site again? I have been holding off but think I will just go ahead and put the Justin.tv one up for now.
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Posted by bkbroiler

Man, that MMA TNT was great. I love the fighting game nights. 

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Posted by triple07

This is great thanks!

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Posted by Soap

This list is incredible, keep up the great work!

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Posted by GristlyBear


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Posted by Jeffsekai

Fucken saved!

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Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Fucking bookmarked! Thanks!

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Posted by wfolse1

Great resource and well organized.  Good job, sir.

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Posted by halbasic

Wow, just wanted to say thanks for the effort duder! This is a fantastic list and will come immensely in handy as I love watching these while I'm working on other projects.

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Posted by doe3879

thanks for the lilst
still shocked that the GM crew doesn't have it on their video archive 

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Posted by natetodamax

Thank you for this. I wasn't sure if there was a way to see the MW2 TNT anymore (that's the only one I've been on).

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Posted by Slaker117
@Gill: Thanks for organizing and maintaining this. Much appreciated.
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Posted by gill
@Euryb: Whoops! Should be fixed now. Thanks for the feedback.
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Posted by Euryb

you are the man. I have downloaded all of these so they may live on forever on my harddrive. only problem I'm having is when I try to download Team Fortress 2 it's the same video as Transformers WFC

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Posted by swamplord666

i was bummed that i missed the fat princess TNT but having wwatched it, i'm glad i did. They weren't even trying to understand whats going on. Such a shame :/

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Posted by zyn

Awesome List!

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Posted by gill
@PaulM: I am almost certain Justin.tv views mean nothing to the staff. After all, they wouldn't have made their own player with Justin.tv embedded into it if they wanted more people on the Jtv website.
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Edited by PaulM

this is great 
but do we know if the gb people are in to this i wonder if views on justintv views mean anything to them. i often miss their live shows and between posting the Friday shows and now this i could see my self watching a lot less justintv

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Posted by gill
@WhiteBrightKnight: Almost forgot about that! Its not a TNT proper so I can't really add it to the list in good conscience, but I'll give it a mention in the description. It would be sad if it got lost in the sea of misnamed Justin.tv archives.
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Posted by WhiteBrightKnight

Great job, but what about the 6-hour cast before christmas with all old games?  Unsure if that would count, but it would be awesome if you could insert that in.  I forget when they played street fighter 2, but I know they started out with MK on N64. Here's the justintv link: http://www.justin.tv/giantbomb/b/276118469

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Posted by gill
@Video_Game_King:  I had sporadic internet from the 28th till today, so I'll get on it as soon as I can. Just looking at all the content I missed makes my head spin.
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Posted by Video_Game_King

Might as well remind you to update. What I remember of last night:
Money Puzzle Exchanger
Pocketbike Racer
Lead & Gold
Critter Crunch or whatever
Doom II

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Posted by Landon

Thank you sir, this list is massively helpful.

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Posted by swamplord666

NOOOOOO! I missed fat princess :((((( This is a sad day

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Posted by applet0n

Thanks for keeping the list current, mate. Makes life easier for everyone in the community. :)

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Posted by scarace360

So what are they gonna do for number 50?

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Posted by yyZiggurat


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Posted by Lukeweizer

Wow! You have links?! Best list ever!

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Posted by rachelepithet

Motive for Duke was recent addition of DNF beta access to Borderlands GOTY release.

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Posted by colonelpopcorn

This is an awesome list.

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Posted by MrPilkington

Wait a moment, that Transformers game was a TNT game?
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Posted by gill
@blacklabeldomm: Its true! I can't add the same game to a list twice. So I had to compromise. I attached both TNTs to the single Halo: Reach entry. I figured it was better than only showing one of them.
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Posted by Vinny_Says
@Gill: your list is all messed up, I think you cant put halo reach twice....
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Posted by gill
@MGSolid86: Hmm. Yeah, you're right.
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Posted by MGSolid86

If you want to get super technical, the motive for Monday Night Combat should be "digital release", not "retail release"
Great idea for a list though, recommended!

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Posted by gill
@blacklabeldomm:  Ryan announced the MK2 & UMK3 mash-up TNT in the forums.
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