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Posted by Steamboat

Very impressive. 

Posted by gonzab

This list is great first because of the sheer number of games and second because you take time to give a little comment to every game which is nice and not many people around here do it. Aiming to topple this with my still modest list.

Edited by Kyreo

I haven't even gotten past the first page and I see that you have beaten some seriously SHIT games. 
EDIT:  I also see that you have beaten some "Not-so-shit" games and I also think that this list, overall is pretty sweet.

Posted by craigbo180

Great list, I like that each game has a comment with it.

Posted by fei0x

@gonzab  and thirdly because he has finished battletoads.

Posted by gonzab
@fei0x: tru dat.
Posted by ShadowLegend300

You are a fan of batman right ?(me too)

Posted by believer258

I looked at all 17 pages. I'm that bored because I'm at work.

You have a seriously high threshold for shitty games.

Posted by RuthLoose

Excuse me sir, but might you name be Jeff Gerstmann? Great list.