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Posted by krystians

I love the list and I strongly agree with the choices.

Posted by zudthespud

So nothing in the last 9 years would make the cut? I would definitely put in Gears of War, World of Warcraft and Portal. 

I think your list is spot on, these are all standard setting games that changed the industry. Maybe Doom or Wolfenstein 3D should go on there as well. 

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@zudthespud: I have limited myself to 10 games, so there's many that could have been included. For me Goldeneye, was probably my 11th option... 
WOW I could agree with, GOW I think doesn't have anywhere near the same awareness as Halo and Portal isn't really big enough in my opinion. Doom could definitely be in there.  
I would say in the last 5 years or so, most of the massive games have been fairly standard sequels, which I'm not really looking at, since they're just the prior game refined.
Posted by TheGreatGuero

This is a solid list. Not a single choice I disagree with.

Posted by zudthespud
@andymc1989: Fair enough. Like I said, your list contains standard setting games and Gears would definitely be one of them (IMO). Same with Portal, but Portal is such a niche, I don't really know anything else that compares to it. I think in terms of influence, Portal is nowhere near these games, but it's something that received such a wide release and is so critically acclaimed I think it will be talked about in 40 years.
Posted by xAbleAssassinx

There are definitely more, but I can't disagree with any of these.

Posted by Belonpopo

MOERDN WARWFAIR!!!!!!!!111one

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Agree with most of the choices but really, Halo? I feel like the only people who would revere Halo in 50 years would have long moved on to Modern Warfare 48 and forgotten about Combat Evolved. You know what will still be talked about though? World Of Warcraft.

Posted by pikeplacer

mario World FTW!