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Posted by madhattervx

Juhani? Yuck!

Posted by Doogie2K

I just wanted to say that I approved of the obscure Pink Floyd reference. 

Posted by Mikemcn

Juhani? Shes a freaking cat lady. Im concerned.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Eh, I wouldn't put Alyx Vance at the top in terms of video game sexiness. It's not an insult to her looks, but it's just that I'd spend less time sexing her up and more time trying to figure out what race she is. It's hard to be horny when somebody has such a confusing part of their identity.

Posted by Mystic_Eyes

This is quite true for most of the male game players...I've proven it, when I caught one of my friend playing while fantasizing the female character...LOL! XD