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Posted by Marino

@bobafettjm: I keep finding more examples to add. I never expected this list to get so large. It's kinda ridiculous.

Posted by bobafettjm

I love this idea for a list, I think I might have to do something similar, I could even do it for games I have more than one copy of on the same platform.

Posted by fisk0

I have multiple copies of way too many games. Some games I even have way too many copies of - Unreal Tournament 1999 for example - 3 PC copies (original GOTY release, two Unreal Anthology) and one for PS2, and Borderlands which I have as the PC retail release, the Steam GOTY version and the PS3 GOTY version. I also have two original Game Boys, complete with their packaging and advertising, and both with the exact same display defect.

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

The only game I can think of where I have multiple copies is Resident Evil 4 in which I have 3 (Gamecube, Playstation 2, and HD version on Xbox 360)....cool list.

Posted by Noct

Hah, good read. I think this is just what happens over time, as I've perpetrated a lot of these double-dips myself. 
In a lot of these cases for me, I just like the idea of playing something I know I like on a new platform or in some small new way. For example, I've bought Sid Meier's Pirates for Xbox, PC, and PSP. Each one filled a different need at that time.  
I just recently bought the DSIware version of Dragon's Lair for 3DS, and as I was waiting for it to download, I was realizing that I have bought at least 6 different flavors of this game over the years, not even including the abysmal "ports" of it for SNES and Gameboy, or the remake in "3D". I want some of Don Bluth's money when he dies; I think he owes me.
Posted by dankempster

Great list, Marino. It's got me tempted to conjure up something similar with my video game collection, although I fear my list might be even longer than yours...

Posted by AlexW00d

Re: GT3 all PAL versions were Red (I think) so me seeing a blue one is odd.

Posted by Marino
@Smiley26: But I still have every system I've ever had. They're not all hooked up though, so I guess you could say it's a convenience thing.
Posted by Scribbly

I think it's fair enough rebuying stuff on digital download services, especially when you don't have access to your old systems. I have way too many of my PS2 games on Steam from sales and to archive them... :P