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As a quick aside, I think 2010 was a pretty disappointing year for games. Started out strong, finished on a flat note. Notable absences on this list include Halo Reach (it didn't live up to the promises made by Bungie, and felt like the same game we've been playing for a decade,) or Red Dead Redemption (as Zeropunctuation's Yahtzee put it, this game is basically a giant toy box in which most of the toys are broken. A good 1/2 of this game's content was not fun at all.)
Luckily, 2011 is looking far better.

Posted by WileyS

I have a very similar love of Heavy Rain.  With the stakes in every scene so high, I felt more invested and connected as a player in the actions happening on screen than in any other game ever.  Unfortunately I thought the twist at the end was so stupid and terrible that I felt I had to put it at #2 on my list behind Mass Effect.