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Posted by 014

Seeing as I don't have much time left, it's doubtful I'll be able to complete my goal of beating twelve games this year. The games I have begun this year but not yet finished are Tropico 3, Dirt 3, and Mass Effect 2. I got stuck at hard spots in the first two games and moved on. I am loving ME2, but it's a long game. If I want to beat four more games before January 1st, my best bet might be to start and finish some easy, short games.

Posted by 014

Looking at my games library, there aren't any games I want to spend the rest of the day completing before midnight. I did not beat twelve games in the year 2011. But I was close.

This year, I bought the most Steam games during the Thanksgiving sale instead of the end of the year one. I didn't buy as many as last year though. I have plenty to get me through to the sale in July.