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Posted by Guided_By_Tigers
@Pepsiman:  Yeah the Japanese AES carts are cheaper because there were more produced in Japan than in America....so knowing Japanese really comes to your advantage because even with paying overseas shipping its still a lot cheaper.....and going for MVS in the long run is probably a better investment.....while getting an arcade machine is a pretty big investment, the MVS carts are cheaper than the AES carts and playing on an arcade machine is a better experience than playing on a console.
Posted by Pepsiman
@Unknown_Pleasures: That makes sense. I've seen then out and about while shopping around in Japan before, but didn't really think to make any comparisons at the time. I'll definitely look into it when I'm back in August. Are even the AES units there cheaper, to your knowledge? I imagine I'll just end up going for MVS stuff anyway for the sake of cheapness, but I still want to know.
Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

Japanese Neo Geo's along with the games themselves are signifcantly cheaper than there American counterparts.

Posted by pikeplacer

I own the Net Yoraze and the Famicom Disk System. What I want is the Sattelivew and N64 Glove Controller (Yes, they had one).