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Posted by TomBrick

You love hentai?!

Posted by Red12b

how scarred are you?

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I think I hear Gamefly calling me back. Thanks for the list.

edit - damn it, they are almost all on PC.

Posted by scarace360

@ZombiePie said:

@scarace360 said:

Hold on are all the lolis gone. :(

Yes and they aren't coming back.

i got nothing left to live for time to play TOR till i die.

Posted by ZombiePie

@scarace360 said:

Hold on are all the lolis gone. :(

Yes and they aren't coming back.

Posted by scarace360

Hold on are all the lolis gone. :(

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I've been wondering about the "culturally significant" thing, and I might have it figured out:

1. Japanese hentai games translated into English. There are remarkably few of them (especially compared to the number of them released in Japan). I'd say at most, 150 have been translated? That's including fan translations. Only a handful of studios have gotten in on the action, such as Peach Princess, G-Collections, JAST, and most recently MangaGamer.

2. Japanese hentai games with no English translations that inspired non-hentai anime series that have been translated into English. (e.g., Popotan, Comic Party, Koihime Musou, etc). Also ones that inspired non-hentai games, such as Tsukihime, which was the first appearance of the characters in the fighting game favorite Melty Blood (made by the same developer).

3. Japanese hentai games that have been voluntarily censored by developers and released on console. (e.g., Baldr Force EXE, Eve ~ New Generation X ~ were just two released for PS2 in Japan. This happened quite a bit on PS1, Saturn, Dreamcast, and PS2).

4. Notorious Japanese hentai titles that have received a great deal of negative attention in the media. token examples: Battle Raper, RapeLay, etc

5. Western adult games. All ~20 of them. (e.g. BoneTown, Singles, Lula 3D, etc.)

Did I miss anything?

Ultimately I'm going to guess that "culturally significant" means games that have either been translated and sold in the west, or the ones non-fluent people interested in the genre have probably heard of.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Turns out there is still porn on the characters pages. I started cleaning them and there are some really nasty pictures...

Posted by ZombiePie

@peritus: It's our prerogative as to what goes on our database and what doesn't.

Posted by peritus

I dont like censorship, the only good thing here is the removal of illegal content.
But as Addymac said earlier, ripping spines out in a game is ok,  but seeing nipples is not?   really?

Posted by reddin

I always thought it was weird how all this stuff was on here. Not that I'm against it, but it just seemed out of place.

And quite a funny list comes out of it, so it's all good.
And regarding the significance: The only one of these types of games that I've played is Tsukihime (not on the list, it's hardly about sex anyway), however I've heard of all the games marked as significant here. Mostly from Something Awful's funny hentai game reviews (NSFW) I think.
So I guess it's significant if they're pretty much the first thing you run into when you look into the genre.  
Posted by LordAndrew

An entertaining read. Your knowledge of the terminology is a bit too good. The terminology combined with the ESRB-style description of the content...

And remember when you said this?
  @ZombiePie said:

" I was moderating images when images for Let's Meow Meow popped up...I've seen things that I never wanted to see...catgirls...so many catgirls... "

Maybe those Let's Meow Meow images helped prepare you for this. Catgirls are the least of your worries now.

But like the others, I wonder how one determines which of these games are "significant" enough for inclusion.
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@leebmx said:

" Also what's Loli? I'm at work and don't fancy investigating at the moment. "

Loli is basically really young looking girls, flat chested girls almost always too.

Its messed up and not allowed for obvious reasons =x

Also, this list is hilarious! I laughed out loud at some of the descriptions hahaha.
Posted by leebmx

Also what's Loli? I'm at work and don't fancy investigating at the moment.

Posted by leebmx

Why don't you just ban people who put this stuff up? Or is this too harsh? It would seem the simple step to take and save you trawling through all this crap.

Posted by Video_Game_King

How exactly do you determine if a porn game is significant? How do Let's Meow Meow and The Sagara Family avoid deletion?

Posted by TheKeyboardDemon

As I have children and surf the internet in a room where they might also be present, I'm glad that someone is taking the trouble to cleanse the sight of images and content that might be unsuitable for them. It's a shame that it is needed on here, but now I know it happens it is appreciated.


Posted by TehFlan

Who the hell even added any of these games to the wiki in the first place?

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Man, that's a lot of fucking porn games (pun intended). And they're still somehow considered significant enough to be on the wiki? In what way? Who would want to look up information regarding this game for anything other than to see explicit screenshots? I feel for you ZombiePie. I don't think I could do this.

Posted by Daveyo520

The Japanese and users on this site sure love kiddy porn.

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are you sure this won't poison you, zombie? reading this sounds like a police report at a hearing...

Posted by Agent47
@InfiniteGeass: Yeah I mean people can just keep uploading more, and it just seems like a big waste of time I mean woo hoo(sarcasm) hentai big whoop, "shut it down it makes my eyes bleed".Let the creeps have their fun.Actually you know what this comment never happened.
Posted by evanbrau

Really don't understand how any of this crap is culturally significant.

Posted by InfiniteGeass

I think this is kind of dumb, but whatever.

Posted by Spiffo
"First they came for the porn games, and I said nothing because I am not a total creep"
Posted by AddyMac

So Mortal Kombat Fatalities are fine, but nipples are beyond the pale?

Posted by Lemoncookie01

Is Giantbomb no longer the number one source of naked cartoon pussy?):

Posted by Terjay
@CocoRodriguez said:
" @Terjay said:
" So how are any of those pieces of shit "culturally significant"? "
I'm curious about this to. What does something have to be to be labeled "Culturally Significant"? "
I would say that "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife"-painting is culturally significant. A loli tentacle rape genderswap hentai game isn't.
Posted by CocoRodriguez--defunct
@Terjay said:
" So how are any of those pieces of shit "culturally significant"? "
I'm curious about this to. What does something have to be to be labeled "Culturally Significant"?
Posted by Terjay

So how are any of those pieces of shit "culturally significant"?

Posted by Paulrus

Huh. Guess I should've saved a few then. Anyways, if anything, thank you for dealing with the Musumaker gallery. Why someone would upload loli here is beyond me.

Posted by Daveyo520

I get it now, Zombie is a Fascist! 

Posted by Cerogravian

I understand why this came up on AV, but I never saw the need for it here. Was there really that much trouble related to titles like these? Most of the, in my opinion, content that needed deletion or moderation was found on the character pages.
Also, it feels like a lot is open to interpretation, #4 specifically, I mean: "implying sexual content"?

I'm not trying to start anything here, I want a clean site and I know what could happen, as in AV's case, but I always get these horrible sparks at the back of my head when I see censorship emerging or increasing, and I always have to say something...

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@Lies:  Deep, but it did make me laugh
Posted by Lies

They came for the porn games, and I said nothing

Posted by Mento

Jeez, this is like the latter half of a Law & Order SVU episode, where a Judge reads out the list of items found on the defendant's computer.

Posted by Daveyo520

But I love breast!