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Posted by kalmis

@ahoodedfigure: Yeah I know what you mean. In Republic Commando's case it's more like the game was so good that it could have been longer. Therefore it might feel "short".

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@kalmis: It's a bit strange. I don't know what the sales figures were, but I think they got a better response with this game, and with different groups, than they were used to getting and they maybe didn't know what to do with it. Not being the biggest fan of the particular setting, I still liked where the demo was going, so that's saying something from this original Star Wars fan's perspective.
Shortness itself isn't a big deal, of course, it's more about the length fitting the game. If people say it felt short then I guess they mean it didn't do enough with the tools it gave the player, or that it didn't reach a satisfying conclusion before it was over. Always hard to tell what one means, since the theoretical perfect game would be too short if it didn't last forever.
Posted by kalmis

Ref. Republic Commando. Yes I think it is worth getting the full version even if it is tad short. It is actually the only original Xbox game that I've gone back and played on my 360. Seems to go for few quid on Ebay. Shame that Lucas Arts didn't do much else with this. They got the novels and everything around this, was very promising for a while.