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Posted by pekoe212

This made my day. I can hear Rorie in my head.

Posted by rawrsair

I love that this exists

Posted by medacris

Regardless of whether Red's a lion or a dog, he's definitely got the gruff-but-loyal dog personality down.

I can think of a lot more if you ever want to add to this, but they're mostly Pokemon and dogs from licensed properties. There needs to be an official plushie of either Dogmeat or the robot companion from Fallout. I'm sure they'd sell a ton.

Posted by Catlicker

Well, that was helpful!

Posted by onan

This is a handy list for the holiday quest set. I'm still missing one, though. :(

Posted by RedRocketWestie

Awesome list, but I have to say I always thought Red XIII was more of a cat.

Posted by Skullo

I read this in his voice, it was hilarious.