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Posted by Xpgamer7

Interesting. It's not the way I'd make the list, and seeing it is really interesting. Good job.

Posted by Borracho

Side tits don't count, anywhere, ever. Not after 12, anyway.

Posted by Getz

Also, side-boob in Mass Effect. Does that count?

Posted by Borracho

You mean all mah mods were FAKE? *faints*

I was referring to the context of giant robo-tits under flowing, unmoving robes and general terrible presentation.

Posted by TheHT

Wait, there were tits in Dragon Age 2? Pretty sure that never happened.

Posted by Borracho

They're not the point though, they're incidental. A bad example of tits in gaming would be Dragon Age 2 and every other ready-for-hentai man-boy obscenity spawned in the past 5 years or so.

Posted by Willin

There is plenty of tits in LA Noire. Bloody, dead tits.