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Posted by Marino

@dvdhaus: I'm trying to stick to games that were published and/or developed by Sony since those wouldn't require crazy licensing deals.

Posted by manicraider

How about Crash Bandicoot? He's no longer an exclusive but he'd make a great character for any platform brawler or whatever these types of Smash-like games are categorized as.

Posted by Marino

@manicraider: Ideally, you would want Crash and Spyro in there for historical significance as past Sony mascots, but they're not Sony characters anymore, so I didn't include them on the list.

Posted by GS_Dan

...if Kevin Butler was in the roster.....

Posted by jackanderson

@GS_Dan: I second that emotion!

Edited by MetalGearSunny

Did they already announce Jak? If not, then that's who I'd want. Why wouldn't they put him in there?

Posted by Marino
@Metal_Gear_Sunny Not officially, but he does appear in some of the marketing images along with Cole, Drake, and Ratchet.

I was going for some of the more obscure ones.
Posted by MetalGearSunny
@Marino: Sackboy isn'tĀ obscure!
Posted by Mento
Posted by Marino

@Mento: You're probably right about Max. I should add him either way.

The others you named include some good options, but, again, I was primarily looking at characters in games published or developed by Sony. Just being a PlayStation exclusive game doesn't mean they wouldn't have to license that character to get them in the game.

Posted by dvdhaus

LOL you are still going. How about more recent people like Jeff the Cameraman or Tenzin. Although they might be too main stream.

Posted by Marino

@dvdhaus: I could see them having cameos, but I don't know about playable characters. Right now I'm just adding ones I thought about but didn't have pages (Mark of Kri and Genji).

Posted by Hailinel

I should thank you for creating the Yoshitsune page. Gave me a chance to get some good editing in today. :P

Posted by Marino

@Hailinel: Cool. I didn't realize he was based on a real person til I tried searching for a default image, but obviously I didn't take the time to research it and fill it out.

Posted by LordAndrew

I had to click on many of those character pages to see what games they're from, so nice work choosing obscure characters. :)

Posted by Marino

@LordAndrew: Thanks. I found/remembered another five or so today. I'm sure 90% of these won't make the cut though.

Edited by dvdhaus

I found your host or maybe evil mastermind of the game. Buzz

Edit: just saw that he is in fact already announced in the game. oops

Posted by Marino

@dvdhaus: Yeah, he's not a playable character (yet), but he is featured in one of the stages.

Posted by ZombiePie

How about a car from Gran Turismo? Wouldn't you want to play as a car in a fighting game?

Posted by Marino
Posted by D_W

So many of characters on this list made me go "YES"

Posted by Marino

@D_W: Glad I'm not the only one that remembers some of the more obscure Sony characters.