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Posted by egg


The list is a work in progress. Certainly not even finished, I had intended to give reasons for all 50 eventually. (listing a game without giving a reason would just make it look like a list of games I don't like, which is not the point of the list, plus I actually like some of these games) I have not even decided on all 50. Difficulty level and LBP might be taken off. In case you thought otherwise, it is the PSP version of LBP. I will probably not end up using it for the list.

Posted by Lugburz

Im quite shocked to see you consider "saving" is horrible design. I don't encourage players or developers alike to base a game mechanic where saving is crucial, but that is another story. If you attacking "saving" in general, then i guess finishing any game would be either impossible or very difficult task to accomplish. Also for "quick saving", sometimes i see it very vital to game and sometimes it is annoyance.

You listed "Difficulty Level" but you didn't give reasons, also for Little Big Planet, and i would like to hear what you have to say about that.