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If I could re-vote I would, after some thought my list would go


Super Metriod

Donkey Kong Country

I really want to get Banjo-Kazooie in there too!

Posted by Lugburz

So awful to see people voting for Tetris, why the pretentious act?

Posted by Suits

All worth playing

Posted by tphickma

only 16 for super metriod. whaaaaaaa?

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Fuuuck yeah Okami, Wind Waker, and Soul Silver on the first page. 

Posted by bkbroiler

Grim Fandango reppin' hard on this list

Posted by Slag

This is a pretty awesome list !

Awesome effort!

Posted by felakuti4life

Terrific list. The top 25 had some really cool surprises for me.

Posted by Omnomnivore

Not that it is a negative thing, but the top 25 definitely show the site's average age :P

Posted by lmephisto

page 30 complete

Posted by lmephisto

@TechHits: Yes but a bit slower .

Posted by TechHits

is this still being updated ?

Posted by Splodge

Dungeon keeper 2 getting no love, im proud to be the first!

Posted by Nigglenummy

Really great games on this list. GB users have some great taste. Other than Banjo and maybe ME1 I have no real issues with the top 50. Half Life 1 should be higher.

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Man, this list is perfect for picking new games to play! Thank you.

Edit: New for me, of course. Not talking about release dates here...

Posted by lmephisto

@MocBucket62: I am quite suprised as well for Rome Total war !! Anw thanks for your kind words mate :)

Posted by MocBucket62

I'm pretty happy to see some love for Rome Total War on this list, especially with that being the only strategy game ranked in the top 50. When I first came to Giantbomb, I thought this website only cared for certain strategy games like Starcraft and Civ. For those you put Rome in your top 3, keep it up you all rock! :) 
Oh and Imephisto, great job with the list overall!

Posted by lmephisto

I haven't updated since the page 17 which i had my last comment. The reason was i was away for some health issues. I will update it though during the weekend . MORE ENTRIES BUUUUUUUUUUUH :D


Posted by Twinsun

Can't believe Grim Fandango isn't on there. Must have slipped some people's minds.

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@LikeaSsur: Half-Life 2 and Bioshock are FPS
Posted by Zero_

Really glad and surprised to see how high MGS3 is. Keep going :)

Posted by LikeaSsur

I'm glad to see no FPS in the top 20.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

The Giant Bomb community seems to be exhibiting a little franchise bias.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

So many japanese high school dating simulators in top 20 lol

Posted by TheGreatGuero

This is awesome, dude. While I didn't vote for Fallout 3, I'm so glad it's doing well. I felt bad for not adding it, but honestly it's my #4 pick.

Posted by Blargonaut

Wow, Portal 2 is way down there...not that I put it on my list. Did really enjoy it though.

Posted by lmephisto

@Legend: Thank you :) I am looking forward too. And to be honest i am surprised of the results so far.

Posted by Legend

Great idea! Looking forward to see the top 10 after more people vote.

Posted by lmephisto

@Cubidog1: thanks for the support :D

Posted by Cubidog1

Keep up the good work!

Posted by lmephisto

@ManU_Fan10ne: Thanks man :) Its something i enjoy to be honest and it ain't that hard to make !

Posted by ManU_Fan10ne

that must of taken a while to do. hats off to you :)