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Posted by DarkWestern

As nice as the author's fantasy would have been, logic from the prequel "Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier" Would tell us the characters would be 'fighters' So things like...pac-man or...Ecco the Dolphin may fight darkness, weren't truly classified as...Fighters[?].

This list was more of a wish-list than a real prediction. Perhaps this was a point made obvious which I missed at some time, but there would be no way most of these characters would ever be even have a cameo, yet be fully playable.

Lloy'd Irving was a bad ass idea, but they went with...Vesperia...yeah...

Posted by DarkWestern

OH! Sorry for double post, but I played PxZ tonight, and the whole time I wondered where Sonic was!

MFW:Final Boss - Sonic The Hedgehog?! [ - lol probably not -]

(O .o)