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Posted by Marino

Nice work. Like you said, most people don't put this much effort into lists.

As such, I've bumped this up to a front page promo.

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Posted by Brodehouse

@Marino: Aw sweet! And dude, High Fidelity! That's so spot on it's scary.

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Posted by Oni

I stopped reading when you said Tekkaman should be in Smash Bros to tell you that FUCK YES HE SHOULD BE. I'm talking Tekkaman from the '90's anime though, which one are you talking about? I love this list.

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Posted by thatpinguino

Great list, this makes me wish I had more games back when I had the time to play them. Or at least more good ones, the Rugrats ps1 game does not hold up well.

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Posted by ftomato
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Posted by dream431ca

Nice! I especially liked your FF7 story. That's exactly how it happened to me. 8 was my first FF game on the Playstation and that blew me away. I missed all the hype like you did with FF7. I also prefer 8 on PS1.

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Posted by JokerSmilez

Cool idea. I should do something similar, just to go back and relive the memories of some of my favorite games.

I also agree with you about Zelda: Link to the Past. Fuck Ocarina.

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Posted by newblacknoise
I'm sure there will be more time later! That always happens with your 30s. Time just opens up for you, all those teenage and young adult responsibilities just melt away!

Dude, I am 30 with 2 kids and a full time job, and I hope to Christ this is true, otherwise when am I ever going to play my 150 Steam games?!?

They need to stop making new games for a decade or so, so I can catch up. Or I need to win the lottery so I can sit on my arse, play games, and probably miss my children's childhood.

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Posted by The_Last_Starfighter

Excellent list, I had a blast reading all of your write ups, they really brought me back. Thanks for putting this together.

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Posted by GrantHeaslip

Great list. For me (and I imagine most others), games are up there with music in being psychologically inseparable from when and where I played them first.

I loved Ocarina of Time, and I so clearly remember buying Majora's Mask and the N64 expansion for more money than I'd ever dropped on anything before in my life and playing the beginning of that game (the Clock Tower theme in particular reminds me of that).

It's weird that we don't talk about this kind of stuff more, as if we all play games in a vacuum.

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Posted by Brodehouse

@GrantHeaslip: Totally. There was a period after I got a CD player where I played all games while listening to unrelated music, and there are deliberate memories on those. I remember playing an entire Ogre Battle 64 mission, some snow level, while listening to "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies on repeat. That song is 3 minutes long, and it took 3 hours to finish the mission, which means I heard that song 60 times in one evening. I think I also played all of Oblivion while listening to Porcupine Tree's discography.

@Gunslinger0130: Hey man, thanks. I'm adding to it as I work through my collection, I'm in the middle of the PS2 section right now. I might add the Gamecube and original XBOX, and then I might wait a few years until the PS3/360 stuff become memories instead of something that happened yesterday.

Of course, I'm likely to spend more time updating it because I'm spending a one or two hundred bucks a week at old game shops and ebay lately.

@newblacknoise: You never will. That's how Steam gets you, you get a 80% discount on something you'll never play, it's a 20% increase in revenue for them. I debated adding digital stuff to this, but then almost all the entries will be 'yeah I guess this came with a THQ pack?'

@dream431ca: My roommate has been going through FF8 again the last week. I just recalled how I thought the Garden stuff were weird robot men with blank yellow faces, I didn't get that they were just wearing those weird Chinese sloping headdresses. Completely made that game weird for me when I was a teenager.

@Oni: There's multiple Tekkamans? Tekkamen? I don't remember it, my friend was into anime and they would be on while we were trading Pokemon or Neopets or god knows what. And anyways, I didn't think it was as cool as Ninja Scroll because Ninja Scroll had boobs and gushing head wounds and all sorts of shit that savaged my sheltered adolescent mind.

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Posted by morrelloman

I'm only a few years older than you an remember so Many from your list. What a walk down memory lane. I friggen replayed chrono tigger on my ipad after that endurance run. What a game. Also, Katy Perry / Shaq Fu...Just go ahead and mash that shit up right now. Fuck I'd play a housewives fighting game. And I bet my lady who not into games would give that joint a shot. More dumb licensed games with real ppl in them, NOW! And why is recreating FF7 like chasing the dragon? Why can't they just copy and paste that shit?

For me super mario world and Link to the past were before my cheap ass parents would get me a SNES. So I would go over ppls houses after school and grind thru that shit, with them. Passing the controller around. So many memories.

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Posted by envane

illusion of gaia , or illusion of time as it was known down here ( dunno why they changed that.. )

and terranigma..