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Posted by Yodasdarkside

I'm getting through Binary Domain now...it probably deserves to be a little higher on my list tbh, but when I wrote this, I was barely at the end of chapter 2. I wonder if that game had gotten a bigger push out the door would it be doing better now? The online is almost completely barren, hardly ever see anyone on there, which is a shame, I would have liked to experience it.

Posted by Briggs713

I had circled back to Mass Effect 3's multiplayer last week (after finishing Omega and Leviathan). I cursed it when it came out, but much like yourself, I was pleasantly surprised. It has me hopeful the multi-player developers for ME3 will be taking the reigns for ME 4 (from what I've heard recently).

Posted by aurahack

It brings a shining beacon of hope and light to my heart to see someone love Mass Effect 3 for the right reasons. c':

S'great list, man. Makes me realise I probably should play Binary Domain.


"Cult Classic" is the perfect way to define what Binary Domain will be remembered as.