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Posted by PistolPackinPoet

You are right, we do have similar opinions within our GOTY list. I'm glad that Persona 4 Golden tops your list. Also, I'm happy to see Spelunky get some love too. I wish the bomb crew revisited the game more in their game of the year discussions. I really want to like Mark of the Ninja, but i enjoy the games on my list way more. And I wish I had the time to play Journey and Dishonored too. Great list

Posted by amlabella

@PistolPackinPoet: Yeah, it's too bad they didn't feel Spelunky warranted more discussion, at least in the best downloadable game category. I know there was stiff competition, but it deserved a bit more attention from them. Oh well, maybe it'll get its due once the community lists are counted up in the next few days.

Posted by Slag

man now I really want to Play Golden. God your description makes it sound so dang fun.

But I'm very loathe to buy a Vita for one game....especially one I could play on a different system.

Posted by amlabella

@Slag: Yeah I understand the feeling, though I did play a surprising amount of Vita games this year, many of them good (Golden, LittleBigPlanet Vita, and Sound Shapes to name a few). But it might be better to wait and see if any more noteworthy titles come out for the system in 2013, especially since a price drop isn't entirely out of the realm of possibilities with the poor sales numbers.

But for what it's worth the extra content in Golden is really great and it works as a portable game; very addictive but also good in short bursts for when you just want to spend a bit of time with it.