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Posted by jakob187

I understand exactly what you mean, but there was a reason for why I pointed that out the way that I did.  To review a PC game, you have to look at the game at the time of launch.  You can't review it based on where it will end up being after some patches and more people playing it.  Due to the fact that RvR is a major focus of the game, the 500K people that were subscribed at the time of reviewing did not equal up to quick RvR queues.  Therefore, I would have to sit in queue for 5 minutes sometimes, and other times I would have to sit in queue for 3 hours!!!  An unbalanced queueing setup definitely makes for an unpleasant experience.  Also, the "emptiness" I was referring to not only dealt with this issue, but also the fact that the scenario instances are MASSIVE, even in T1 and T2 content.  Why you need this massive amount of space just to run 200 feet and die quickly is beyond me.  It's a common problem that I find with many MMO games.  Had the T1 and T2 content maps been lowered in size just a tad bit (since those folks don't have mounts), I think they would've been more intriguing and a bit better for competitive purposes.

There have been some improvements added, especially with the ability to join up for any scenario anywhere and even the new "Join All" button.  As the game stood at launch, however, it was flawed in the RvR department...and when I review something, I'm going to review what I'm given...not what it can be in the future.  =  /
Posted by Turtlefuzz

While I agree with a lot of what your saying, I don't totally agree with you're RvR statement.
"the fact that RvR battlegrounds are virtually empty without more people playing the game"
I will agree that not a lot of people are playing the game, but a lot are playing RvR and the Public Quests are getting left behind.
But that's just my experience, maybe we play on different servers.