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Posted by CompletelyCalm

Oops! Forgot to give a rating. I would give it 4 and half stars just to clarify. Highly recommended. Dang I wish I remembered.

Posted by GrahfZilla

You can edit the review. Go to submit a review like you originally did, select playstation 2, and they'll automatically show you your original review to edit. I've edited a few scores and some mistakes that way.

Posted by CompletelyCalm


Posted by CptnOblivious

I like the review, but I do disagree that the plot is "predictable".  To me it was refreshing in that you didn't start out in a world with a huge over-arching evil monopolistic monster/empire out from the start.  Granted some of that does creep in by the end, but the beginning of the game is very limited in its scope, and it retains that scope through the majority of he game.
I also must say in an unusual step for JRPG's, there are only two un-remediable bad guys: Rhapthorne, and Charmles.  The other people have qualities that at least make them somewhat sympathetic.