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Posted by Video_Game_King

No, it definitely relies on story a lot; the middle just feels like character instead of plot development.

Posted by kumis

I have to disagree a bit on the story part. I don't think it really relies on the story, because you know, for the 40 hours it takes you to complete it, there is very little happening on the story side. It really felt more like a dungeon crawl with a few short cinematics thrown in. Really hoped more out of this game.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Hold on, did I? It sounds familiar, but give me a second...no, didn't include either. I based it on the GB page.

Posted by ZenaxPure

Nice review, though curious question.  
You mentioned 8 games used the ATB, are you including 12 and 13 into that? I was thinking back through them and the numbers seemed off otherwise is all.

Posted by Video_Game_King
That post could not live up to the expectations set by your previous posts.
3 stars :P.
(Let's end it there.)
Posted by luce

This review is too long and linear
3 stars

Posted by Video_Game_King

Oh, you mean to confuse the GB populace with conflicting opinions, inevitably dragging Brad into the controversy? They then demand that the now-clearly-biased Brad must retire in shame, creating the new Bradgate, leading to the launch of a new game site called The Shoebox, where you will be a key member of the staff? And to think, you almost got away with it.

Posted by erinfizz

I see that my evil plan is coming together nicely. ^_^

Posted by Video_Game_King

That's what I thought, too, but apparently I may have broken that precedent.(I say "apparently" because nobody bothers to make an archive of all the featured reviews.)

Posted by Yummylee

Huh. I always figured they'd stick to only putting one review up per game, on the user-review spotlight.