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Posted By LethalKi11ler

Never could really get into the DS version, always found it too hard :P Maybe on consoles it'll be better :s Nice review

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Posted By Hampe

For one having played the DS game that came out I must say that Missile Fury is a totally different game. I can't compare them at all. For starters, this game is so much more difficult then I remember the DS game being.
Great review however, you sum up my thoughts about it.

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Posted By NeoAthanasius

Great review! I have been a fan of Bangai-O since the Dreamcast days. I was able to finish the Dreamcast version. However, the DS and XBLA versions are way more difficult to complete. You are very correct in saying that "f inishing stages ranks among the more satisfying accomplishments you'll garner in your gaming sessions across a lifetime." What a brilliant game!