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Posted by JeanLuc

Ok look; next to the comma key on your keyboard, there is someone called a "period". USE IT!

Posted by Zorkeded

i hope your joking about the period's because i think i used way to many of them
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

I'm glad you sacrificed $60 to spare my wallet of this travesty of nature.

Posted by Delethor
@Zorkeded:  No, you didn't. I counted them. There are exactly 0 periods ending a sentence.
Posted by Zorkeded
well i am very sorry if you almost died trying to read this since you didnt know where to stop and take a breath.(period)
Posted by Delethor

[  ] You did understand the main principle of punctation.
[x] You didn't understand the main principle of punctation.

Posted by Xanth93

Terrible review. This just sounds whiny and the grammar is terrible.

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Not a review in my eyes. Learn correct grammar and periods.  
Also want some Cheese with your whine? 

Posted by TheManiacsGnome

Gotta agree with everyone here, take some time and construct your arguments properly so you don't just sound like you're ranting.