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Aww Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I too, have a shit ton of shitty IDE hard drives.

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Cant access bombcast on mobile. Now i want to die.

Posted by Keen_12
Posted by evanbower

Hey guys, the sites working.

Posted by SeanFoster

site's been going down hill since the new layout

Posted by gk128

Commenting to bitch about iTunes / Have an excuse to try the new comment thing.

Posted by Roodog

Like the New look!

Posted by TigerClaw

I like the new site so far. :)

Posted by TigerClaw

I like the new site so far. :)

Posted by GasparNolasco

What's happening? Why is everything so awesome!?

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Isn't downloading on iTunes, is the page messed up for anyone else also?

Posted by RudeCubes

So how much of this is THE WII U'S GETTIN' LAMER AND LAMER

Posted by shodan2020

awesome! I'm glad the new site is up! :)

Posted by StoffInator

New site looks awesome.

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Ladies and gentlemen you may experience some brief turbulence as we land but relax, and take a glance out your window at the vistas of new Giant Bomb...

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@robothamster: The feed URL is different, I had to hover over the RSS and Manually input it into my podcast app to get the new episodes, but now it's only showing the last 10 podcasts, instead of the all.

Posted by porr

The ass was fat.

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We have officially entered the New Era. GB2013!

Posted by graf1k

It's...it's beautiful.

Posted by LiquidSwords

It's back! I'm back! How long can it last!?

Posted by MocBucket62

Hooray! The site's finally up and it's looks great! Great bombcast too!

Posted by savetocloud

The old site got e-wasted.

Posted by The_Ruiner

fuuuuuck yeah

Posted by GinjaAssassin

It works! Mostly

Posted by Nightriff

Still not up on iTunes, fuck

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Thumbs up for the site redesign so far. Loving it!

Posted by Undeadpool


Not even a funky fresh new site update!

Posted by MistaSparkle

And after the 20th refresh, she's alive!! Looking great Dave & Crew!

Posted by Reisz

All the work, all the upheaval, all the longcats and dragons and upside down Alex's. It was all worth it for that sweet, sweet cassette player.

Posted by AngelN7

Finally and also B-cast!

Posted by RadZombie

woohoo brand new giant bomb! I'm loving it!

Posted by DeltaDreamer

good the site's not broken.

Posted by Stevo256

New site AND new Podcast?? Head just exploded.....

Posted by The_Nubster

I'm glad Brad mentioned that awesome DmC checkpoint timer. Fucking super-duper-amazing.

Posted by Potter9156

I'm liking this new Bombcast page.

Posted by novacircuit

Bombcast! YES!

Posted by Lokar36

Dave, any word on the a fix for downloading from iTunes?

Posted by NDN_Shadow

Missing this on my iTunes feed. Though the shitty Podcast app doesn't help...

Posted by StefanTheMongol

oh noes, achievement tracking is gone?

Posted by reflekshun
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Some of the icons on the new site are larger than I think they should be, but other than that it looks good. I'm very glad to see more comments per page. Giantbomb is a popular site and more comments = more fun.

Edit: Is the "comment added" message really necessary?

Posted by DougQuaid

Dave, podcast's feed on iTunes is broke. :(

Posted by Falconer

@brad I don't know where you're getting your info from, but Windows Phone has exploded in terms of numbers with WP8. Will Smith would tell you 4x of nothing is still nothing, but it's market share is most definitely not going down.

Posted by newhaap

Nice! Congrats on the redesign launch guys!

Posted by ch3burashka

So... anyone else's new feed have only like 12 podcasts? I was constantly downloading old podcasts, now that's not possible (through the feed). Is there any way to restore the old feed, or the old feed's 'cast availability? I'm really bummed most podcasts do this - the Bombcast was the only one that kept all of the old 'casts available; everyone else maxed out at about a year. I always felt that Giant Bomb was doing me a solid, being an independent game site that hosted all of their long-ass podcasts for longer than the IGNs and Gamespots of gaming, and now that era seems to be over.

Posted by SteveVacation

The cassette tape effect is the BOMB.

Posted by Trilogy

Gimme some of that new new.

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The bombcast is unstoppable.It's what the post office should be.

Posted by SpicyRichter

Site looks great but the iTunes and RSS feeds are borked. Instacast fails subscribing to the feed and itunes shows no podcast icon, unknown author, and no episodes at all. Also says last update in 2008.

Also, I can't load this page in safari or chrome on my iphone so i can't stream it

Posted by Zamir